Going Wild in the Backyard

Going Wild in the Backyard By: Sue Moore Turn your backyard into a wildlife refuge! It’s easy with a little help from the Backyard Conservation Program, a joint venture between the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Wildlife Habitat Council, and the National Association of Conservation Districts. According to the NACD over 92 million acres … Continue reading

10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips

10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips Each year it gets harder to compete with the barrage of super stores swallowing up small business opportunities. That is why, if you own a small business, you have to constantly think outside the box to bring in customers. Now that many companies are on the going green bandwagon … Continue reading

Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture

Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture My interest in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA for short) started at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s definitely worth a stop if you’re ever in town. Obviously, the exhibits are great (it is the Smithsonian, after … Continue reading

Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll

Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll The holidays are the one time of the year when college students are glad to come home again. The lure may not be family or old friends, but simply the feeling of warmth and well-being. It may even be as simple as all the wonderful food smells that blanket … Continue reading

Keeping Your Holiday Green

Keeping Your Holiday Green This time of year can be frightfully fun. If you are one to embrace the whole ambiance and good cheer of holiday festivities it can sometimes come with a price. Many people feel so carefree and joyful at this time they can forget about their green role. However, there is no … Continue reading

Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions

Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions Holiday traditions are passed down through generations. Most often it involves excessive gift giving, eating, drinking and travelling. Although many traditions are an important part of the holidays there are ways they can be incorporated into the modern day green movement. By doing so you are sending a message to … Continue reading

Beer Libations: Drink Green

Holiday Beer Libations: Drink Green If you partake in alcoholic beer beverages there is a high probability that you are unaware of the brands which actually produce less of a carbon footprint than others. This holiday season, as friends, family and business relations raise a glass to good cheer and good fortune, try something new … Continue reading

DIY Gift Ideas : Make It Personal

The DIY Gift Ideas: Make It Personal In addition to making your own holiday greeting cards why not push the envelope, save some money and go even greener with some do-it-yourself gifts this year. Look around at what you’ve got while perusing the aisles for some more ingredients and make this season one of its … Continue reading

LEDs, Let There Be Light

LEDs, Let There Be Light LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are better, last longer, and now provide wide-spectrum light (light at both the red and blue ends of the spectrum) in a variety of tones that make reading easier and middle-aged women like myself look younger. So what’s not to love? You might say cost, and you … Continue reading

Taming the Energy Hog

Taming the Energy Hog Looking out my window and seeing the approach of winter puts me in a frame of mind to think about energy: where it comes from, how it’s made, and how much we Americans use. For example, did you know that more than half of American homes are heated with natural gas? … Continue reading