Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

At least once a month, some self-styled electrical power expert (often from the Republican side of the aisle) will insist that: Wind and solar energy will never have more than a minimal market share of energy resources Wind and solar will remain above grid parity, in terms of consumer costs, well into the middle of … Continue reading

Smart Grid: Changing Our Energy Infrastructure

There may come a day when a light switch, house key or wallet all become things of the past. Instead we will become a one device carrying society able to control virtually every aspect of our lives via remote location or from our living room couch. Imagine opening your cell phone and logging on to … Continue reading

So You Think You Want to Go Solar?

So You Think You Want to Go Solar? You’ve got your solar-powered battery charger to keep e-waste in check, and your hybrid solar LED lantern to make sure you’re never left in the dark. You even have a solar swimming pool cover, which delivers heat from the sun to your Caribbean-blue pool. Not to mention … Continue reading

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Heaters We’re all looking for ways to reduce the waste and pollution that come from fossil fuel use, and what better alternative than the sun, nature’s own energy source. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power: in fact, there’s more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth … Continue reading

How Does It Work: Solar Energy

How Does It Work: Solar Energy Finding a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels is one of the most important environmental challenge we face today, and what better way to green our electricity than with nature’s own energy source: the sun. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power; in fact, there … Continue reading