Green Lunches for Schools

America’s schools are the well from which the nation will draw tomorrow’s leaders in politics, medicine, science, and education, to name but a few disciplines. It’s unfortunate that said schools also need a wakeup call – a call that brings them into the 21st Century with green banners flying. One way this call might be … Continue reading

10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips

10 Small Business Green Advertising Tips Each year it gets harder to compete with the barrage of super stores swallowing up small business opportunities. That is why, if you own a small business, you have to constantly think outside the box to bring in customers. Now that many companies are on the going green bandwagon … Continue reading

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program Fortunately many schools, from public to private, are incorporating environmental teaching into their curriculum. Children learn from a very early age how to turn a light off when they leave a room, not to litter and what recycling means. However, even though the message is there, in many … Continue reading

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can Aluminum cans are one of those quiet revolutions that have transformed our lives. We’re so used to seeing them, and using them, we never really think about where they come from – and where they go once we’re finished with them. For example, in 2011 (the last year for … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of … the Paper Bag

A Day in the Life of … the Paper Bag One of the biggest and potentially most eco-friendly choices we can make is when the sales clerk asks us whether we want paper or plastic. Even those who don’t really believe in global warming acknowledge the environmental damage created by plastic bags: million of trapped … Continue reading

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions to Go Green

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions to Go Green The clock strikes twelve on December 31st, 2012 and many people feel that their own clock has been re-set. Working their way up to this yearly calendar change is the culmination of a month or two of affirming a list of mental or recorded resolutions for … Continue reading

Giving Back to Earth

Giving Back to Earth Three hundred sixty four days a year, we humans take some part of Mother Earth to sustain ourselves. Mostly, it’s food, but fuel for our vehicles is another big bite. So is the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, in huge power plants, to provide energy for … Continue reading

Recycling Christmas Trees

Recycling Christmas Trees One of the downsides of the season, at least for me, is taking the decorations off the Christmas tree and putting it out back to die. I feel a little better when I hang treats on the tree for the birds and the squirrels, but the daily sight of a dying tree … Continue reading

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints From Danielle Nierenberg, formerly Co-Director of Nourishing the Planet (Worldwatch Institute) and now a part of Food Tank, comes another list of things you and I can do to make sure we are green, even if this coming Christmas holiday is more about white (as in snow). … Continue reading

Keeping Your Holiday Green

Keeping Your Holiday Green This time of year can be frightfully fun. If you are one to embrace the whole ambiance and good cheer of holiday festivities it can sometimes come with a price. Many people feel so carefree and joyful at this time they can forget about their green role. However, there is no … Continue reading