Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions to Go Green

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions to Go Green The clock strikes twelve on December 31st, 2012 and many people feel that their own clock has been re-set. Working their way up to this yearly calendar change is the culmination of a month or two of affirming a list of mental or recorded resolutions for … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited You’re going to be seeing a lot of New Year’s resolution lists as 2012 fades into 2013. These lists are all good; doing something helpful is better than doing nothing. Of course, it also depends on an individual’s idea of “helpful.” If you plan to trash your neighbor’s Christmas lights because … Continue reading

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections We may wish that every day could be a day we learn and become enlightened. However, it is no surprise that for many, each day often blurs into another. That brings us to the opportunity each holiday season offers when it comes to reflections, inspections and end of … Continue reading

What Does It Mean to Go Green?

What Does it Mean to “Go Green”? Going green – it’s a phrase that’s becoming more and more common as people start to realize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face. Everybody knows the earth is in trouble: every day we see new stories about global warming, acid rain, oil spills, deforestation, or … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #12 – Spend More Time With Family and Friends

We all know that New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep. After all, there’s a reason so many of us come back to the same resolutions every year. But going green doesn’t have to be a New Year’s plan that falls by the wayside. By joining together with those around you to make small, … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #11 – Conserve Energy

Like water, energy is something it’s easy to take for granted. We all get to turn on the TV or air conditioner without   having to give a thought to the resources investing in bringing electricity to our outlets. But electricity production is one of the biggest sources of environmental damage: it requires 500 billion … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #10 – Stop Wasting Water

It can be easy to take clean water for granted: most of us don’t have to think twice about turning on the tap to wash our   hands, water the plants, or whip up some pasta. In fact, the U.S. has the largest water footprint of any country in the world, at an average of … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #9 – Learn Something New

If you’re like most people, your days are a blur of the hectic and the routine. You wake to the same alarm every morning, down a cup of coffee, then spend the day juggling demanding bosses, work meetings, and family dinners. It can be hard to find time in the day to get everything done … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #8 – Get More Sleep

You probably don’t need to be told about the benefits of sleep – we’ve all had to struggle with the lack of energy and poor concentration that follow a rough night. But did you know that the benefits of sleep go beyond keeping you alert and focused? Sleep deprivation is linked to a number of … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #6 – Be Green at Work

It can be easy to abandon our green habits when we leave the house, especially once we’re at the office. On those hectic days when you’re working hard, grabbing lunch on the run, or stuck at work way past happy hour, it may not seem worth the effort to follow through on your New Year’s … Continue reading