Going Wild in the Backyard

Going Wild in the Backyard By: Sue Moore Turn your backyard into a wildlife refuge! It’s easy with a little help from the Backyard Conservation Program, a joint venture between the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Wildlife Habitat Council, and the National Association of Conservation Districts. According to the NACD over 92 million acres … Continue reading

What Makes a Building Green?

What Makes a Building Green? What makes a building green? The answer might seem obvious—any building that has a minimal impact on the environment should be called green, right? If we dig a little deeper, though, the question turns out to be a lot more complicated than that. With the rapid growth in the green … Continue reading

Home Improvement with Green Products

Home Improvement with Green Products Tackling home improvement projects not only takes a great deal of patience and planning but it often requires a laundry list of toxic materials. Twenty years ago these may have been all you had to choose from. Nowadays, there are a variety of environmentally friendly home improvement products to choose … Continue reading

Building and Remodeling with Sustainable Materials

Building and Remodeling with Sustainable Materials It wasn’t so many years ago that “green” became the next big thing, and people flocked to buy solar panels, soy foam insulation, synthetic parquet tiles (and other engineered wood products), and landscape plants to create green (or “living”) roofs. It was a remarkable revolution, noted more for its … Continue reading

Giving Back to Earth

Giving Back to Earth Three hundred sixty four days a year, we humans take some part of Mother Earth to sustain ourselves. Mostly, it’s food, but fuel for our vehicles is another big bite. So is the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, in huge power plants, to provide energy for … Continue reading

Top 10 Green Building Tips

Top 10 Green Building Tips If you are considering building a new home next year, there are loads of how-to books that will tell you the best and greenest ways to do so. Unfortunately, the time it takes to read these books and gather information means you’re still mining the pages for tips while others … Continue reading

Going Green Off the Grid

Going Green Off the Grid Being plugged into everyday society can be daunting for some. It is this trapped, unsustainable way of life that takes all good green intentions and throws them out the window. As each new generation emerges amidst the digital whirlwind technology that keeps expanding beyond our control (hello Apple’s 6 iPhone … Continue reading

Home Solar: Is it Worth Switching?

Home Solar: Is it Worth Switching? Retro-fitting your home to run on solar energy either partially or completely can be a huge undertaking. It requires professional, often expensive installation that may or may not be done correctly. However, there have been many advances, as well as incentives, when it comes to choosing solar technology. Here … Continue reading

Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Critters

  Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Critters When people talk about pest control and creepy critters this fall season, it may not be a reference to the political figures on your November ballot. The pests that are most likely to enter your home this time of year are the ones people often fear the … Continue reading

Green Your Halloween: Accessories for a True Eco-Holiday

Green Your Halloween: Accessories for a True Eco-Holiday Once you have your eco-themed Halloween costumes, add to the festivities with these green your Halloween accessories. Be the home that kids visit in awe, give them awesome decorations but also a little education as well. Show them through your innovative display that even a fun holiday … Continue reading