Green Up and Get Crafty for Earth Day

On Monday, April 22, the U.S. will celebrate another Earth Day, giving people a chance to spruce up their green profile and reduce carbon footprints. First celebrated on April 22, 1970, this uniquely eco-centric holiday celebrates global sustainability by asking celebrants to “Live their lives in such a way that future generations of humans can … Continue reading

Going Wild in the Backyard

Going Wild in the Backyard By: Sue Moore Turn your backyard into a wildlife refuge! It’s easy with a little help from the Backyard Conservation Program, a joint venture between the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Wildlife Habitat Council, and the National Association of Conservation Districts. According to the NACD over 92 million acres … Continue reading

Toxic Toys

It’s that time of year again. Spring break is just around the corner and your kids are excited about the idea of free time away from school. But when the big event finally occurs, it seldom takes more than three days before they start whining, “Ma, there’s nothing to d-o-o-o!” Ah, I remember it well. … Continue reading

Giving Kids the Green Way through the Written Way

Giving Kids the Green Way through the Written Way In 1839, English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This phrase can be applied to many scenarios and one just may be green enlightenment through a child’s eyes. As teachers and parents implement the education of recycling, re-using and more, it … Continue reading

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program Fortunately many schools, from public to private, are incorporating environmental teaching into their curriculum. Children learn from a very early age how to turn a light off when they leave a room, not to litter and what recycling means. However, even though the message is there, in many … Continue reading

Choosing to Reuse

Choosing to Reuse One of the better “green” books to come on the market is Choose to Reuse by Nikki & David Goldbeck. A little dated, since it was first published in 1995, the content remains useful largely because the book’s central premise is that reusing is better than recycling. What’s the difference, you might … Continue reading

Build an Ecofriendly Bugout Bag

Build an Ecofriendly Bugout Bag It’s the sort of thing a survivalist might do; put together a backpack full of items essential to life if the nation or the world goes into meltdown status. But you don’t have to be a survivalist to recognize that hot August days and nights fray tempers and lead to … Continue reading

Talking to your Children about Going Green

Talking to your Children about Going Green Nowadays children are surrounded by the green movement. In school they are taught about recycling and conservation and on television there are many ad campaigns that make it fun to save the planet. However, you may seem to be stuck in such a whirlwind of jobs and child … Continue reading

Back to School Green Tips

Back to School Green Tips Before you know it, it will be that time again when the kids dry off from summer swimming to don backpacks, lunchboxes and books once more. Why not get a jump on the mayhem now and use some of these back to school green tips to send your child into … Continue reading

10 Super Green Back-to-School Ideas

10 Super Green Back-to-School Ideas It’s that time of year again, as busy mothers round up the necessary pencils, pens, paper and protractors, and kids look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. The purchasing power of moms (and more than 80 million kids) is nothing to sneeze at, which is why we’d … Continue reading