Guerrilla Gardening: Activist Planters

Sometimes you do not need the loud, raucous, volatile agenda that often comes with one activist movement or another. Sometimes a statement can be made with silent action and that is exactly what guerrilla gardening has been doing. Considered pro-activism, guerrilla gardening is an underground (literally) attempt to beautify and re-use abandoned, unkempt, eyesore land … Continue reading

Composting: A Love Story

Composting: A Love Story I love compost – it is one of my favorite parts of gardening. One of those little things about my father (whom I greatly love) that irritates me to no end is that whenever I talk about compost his first reaction is to say “Yuck!” He is, of course, not alone … Continue reading

Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens

Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens Sometimes, it feels as though you have blinked and the holidays are back. But facing impending, practically required, cheer can stir up any number of emotions. Sometimes all it takes is stepping outside of yourself and your screaming, foot stomping ego to remember the good that you do have. … Continue reading

Greening the Brown Paper Bag

Greening the Brown Paper Bag Actually, it’s hard to do. The pleated brown paper bag, essence of all that has been lunch for the past seven decades or more, is already pretty darn green. The paper part is biodegradable, and the machines that make the bag rectangular, pleated, and foldable/stackable were invented in 1890 by … Continue reading

Gardens for Apartment Living

Gardens for Apartment Living In the wake of a deep and somewhat persistent recession, one of the cooler things to do is to plant a Victory garden. The concept, originally driven home by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his politically active spouse, Eleanor, during WWII, was adopted by many Americans to exemplify their patriotism, as … Continue reading

Plastic Bag Ban: A Tale of Two Cities

Plastic Bag Ban: A Tale of Two Cities In the war for and against the ubiquitous plastic bag – a symbol of all that is right, and wrong, about America – two cities stand as examples: Seattle, Washington and Swan Quarter, North Carolina. As a symbol of the mood in America, right or wrong, consider … Continue reading

Garden Styles

Garden Styles As we get older, gardening becomes more of a chore. Knees hurt, so kneeling in the dirt can be painful even with knee pads. Hands hurt, too, and anti-arthritis gloves are often too pricey to wear while digging in the dirt or pulling weeds. Finally, while a hat protects (sometimes bald) heads from … Continue reading

For the Love of Compost

For the Love of Compost It’s an unwritten rule: craftsmen buy Milwaukee tools, pro golfers use Cobra drivers, and serious gardeners compost. In fact, a flower or vegetable garden without compost is like a Ferrari without an engine. Additionally, compost bins, barrels or bags come in a variety of sizes, price ranges and methods. Start … Continue reading

How to Get the Most Out of Your Compost Bin

How to Get the Most Out of Your Compost Bin So you’ve started to compost. Good for you! Good for your garden, too. And you know you did it right because you followed the instructions of an expert. But even the best-designed and most carefully constructed compost pile could benefit from a few choice tips. … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Have a Green Camping Trip

Ten Ways to Have a Green Camping Trip It might seem silly to think about ways to make your camping trip eco-friendly. After all, what could be more green than a hike through the mountain or a night in the woods? But being out in nature can be the perfect time to focus on making good … Continue reading