Debunking Some Green Myths

Debunking Some Green Myths Not all “natural” products are natural. And not all “green” corporations are as environmentally friendly as they would have you believe. In fact, phony green companies have inspired the term “greenwashing” – a term that piggybacks on such concepts as “whitewashing,” which means intentionally obscuring some unfortunate, possibly illegal and likely … Continue reading

Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Critters

  Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Critters When people talk about pest control and creepy critters this fall season, it may not be a reference to the political figures on your November ballot. The pests that are most likely to enter your home this time of year are the ones people often fear the … Continue reading

Back to School Green Tips

Back to School Green Tips Before you know it, it will be that time again when the kids dry off from summer swimming to don backpacks, lunchboxes and books once more. Why not get a jump on the mayhem now and use some of these back to school green tips to send your child into … Continue reading

How Cool is Bamboo

How Cool is Bamboo Our forests are suffering by the minute. It is essential to continue finding new materials that are sustainable and practical. Bamboo is one of the most durable, eco-friendly choices on the planet. It has been around for over two hundred million years and can be made into everything from paper and … Continue reading

5 Ways to Green Your Pool (and keep it clean)

5 Ways to Green Your Pool (and keep it clean) There’s nothing better on a hot day than a cool dip in the pool, but that backyard swim can extract a big cost from the environment. During the summer, for example, a typical backyard pool will use enough energy to power a whole house for three months … Continue reading

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom It’s easy to overlook the bedroom when you’re trying to go green – what’s the point if you’re asleep in there the whole time anyway? But the bedroom is actually the place where we spend most of our time at home: in fact, you’ll spend about a third of your … Continue reading

Alternatives to Plastic

Alternatives to Plastic Although plastic as we know it was introduced less than 100 years ago it has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives – from light switches to cars to computers, plastics are unavoidable. Unfortunately, this explosion in plastic products has been devastating for our environment. Synthetic plastics are not biodegradable, which … Continue reading

Easy Green Pest Control

Easy Green Pest Control Instead of resorting to nasty chemical sprays, try these 100% natural methods to get pests out of your home and garden. Indoors It’s true what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why keeping your home clean by wiping up crumbs, fixing leaks, and disposing … Continue reading