Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed?

Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed? One of the most exciting and interesting aspects of green living is an avoidance of all those lethal chemicals we once put on our lawns to make them grow, remove weeds, or otherwise cause grass – already a perfectly green product – to behave in ways Nature never intended. … Continue reading

10 Green Ways to Get Through Winter’s Days

Winter is here in full swing and sometimes it can take its toll both physically and financially. It can also become so uncomfortable for some that remaining green seems difficult when just trying to forge through inclement weather, stay warm or simply deal with the drastic change of sunlight can be a challenge. Obviously the … Continue reading

Video Games Could Save the Environment

The first video game came not out of a developer’s studio but from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, in 1958. The game, a mock-up of table tennis, involved an oscilloscope, skillful fingers and sharp eyes. The first actual video game was Asteroids, played on a game console named Atari, from the company … Continue reading

So You Think You Might Like Home-Based Geothermal Energy?

As one informative web site notes, geothermal’s power source never varies – at least on the human scale of plus or minus 75 years. More important, geothermal energy provides more than half the energy needed to deliver heating and cooling, whether in the Deep South or the frigid northern half of the United States. The … Continue reading

Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing? More and more people are opting for electric or hybrid vehicles even if they have to pay a little more. It is a good sign that the mindset is beginning to change. Here is a short progress report on how automobiles are doing when it comes to current fuel … Continue reading

12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home

12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home As much as half of the energy used in a typical American home goes toward heating and cooling, so help to conserve energy and lower your utility bills this winter by following these simple steps. Be Smart With Your Furnace (Home Energy Conservation Kit) 1. Set the temperature … Continue reading

What’s In Your Air Freshener?

What’s In Your Air Freshener? It might not be as flashy as sight or sound, but smell is still a powerful sense. Even the lightest odors can awaken long-lost memories or change the atmosphere of a room: just think of the inviting smell of freshly-baked bread, the bright sunshine evoked from a freshly-squeezed lemon, or the … Continue reading

10 Recipes for Homemade Air Fresheners

10 Recipes for Natural, Homemade Air Fresheners A great scent can change the feel of a whole room, so it’s natural to want to use pleasant smells to create a warm, inviting home. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the air freshening products available today are leaving behind more than just the smell of flowers or spices … Continue reading

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom It’s easy to overlook the bedroom when you’re trying to go green – what’s the point if you’re asleep in there the whole time anyway? But the bedroom is actually the place where we spend most of our time at home: in fact, you’ll spend about a third of your … Continue reading

Fact Or Fiction: Five Common Home Energy Myths

Fact Or Fiction: Five Common Home Energy Myths Trying to find the best green improvements for your home can be a daunting task, and there are a lot of crazy ideas floating around out there that can make it even more difficult to get things right. To help you sort out fact from fiction when … Continue reading