How to Green Your Life

Greening your life, home or business is not a small task.  But like with most large tasks, there’s an 80/20 rule.

We tend to refer to it as the Big Green Five:

  1. Air/Water
  2. Energy
  3. Food and Stuff we Use
  4. Cleaning
  5. Wearables/Touchables

Following the twin Do No Harm and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles, we can attack all five on all fronts, and we make sure we carry a range of products to help you green each of these.

1. Air/Water – With water its about using clean water, and less water.  With air, it’s about quality. We’ve got one wildly popular product made just for us that you’ll love – it’s a transparent chlorine removing shower head, available in both regular and low flow – clear so you can watch it work!

2. Energy – With energy it’s all about make in cleaner, use it less, and save it more.  We carry a wide range of energy efficient devices.

3. Food and Stuff We Use – While we don’t carry food, encouraging you to buy local and organic, we are a big believer in reusables, recycled products and compostibles.  Yes, the packaging, cutting boards, tote bags etc really do matter.

4. Cleaning – Use environmentally friendly cleaners, when you need them, and only as much as you need.  We carry a number of different types of cleaners many of them products packaged exclusively for  Top sellers. enzyme based, ion-based, But if you want to watch a few in action before you buy, just check out our founder, Axil Comras, trying out ecofriendly cleaners on the Today Show:

5.  Wearables/Touchables – Here we’re big on organic cloth.  We carry about 300 different organic cotton products alone.  And based on our bestseller’s list, our customers agree.  Organic cotton shower curtains, organic napkins and towels have long been popular sellers.

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