What Makes a Building Green?

What Makes a Building Green? What makes a building green? The answer might seem obvious—any building that has a minimal impact on the environment should be called green, right? If we dig a little deeper, though, the question turns out to be a lot more complicated than that. With the rapid growth in the green … Continue reading

Why Going Non-Toxic in Your Home is Essential

Why Going Non-Toxic in Your Home is Essential Your home may very well be a den of toxicity. From chlorine bleach to ammonia sprays it is no wonder the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2009 that, “Unintentional poisoning was second only to motor vehicle crashes as a cause of unintentional injury … Continue reading

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections We may wish that every day could be a day we learn and become enlightened. However, it is no surprise that for many, each day often blurs into another. That brings us to the opportunity each holiday season offers when it comes to reflections, inspections and end of … Continue reading

Green Car Care Tips

Green Car Care Tips If you drive a car on a regular basis chances are it is like a second home. Even if you are only in one occasionally it can sometimes seem like a little cone of silence. Therefore, why not treat your car experience like you are hopefully treating your daily living experience, … Continue reading

Going Green Off the Grid

Going Green Off the Grid Being plugged into everyday society can be daunting for some. It is this trapped, unsustainable way of life that takes all good green intentions and throws them out the window. As each new generation emerges amidst the digital whirlwind technology that keeps expanding beyond our control (hello Apple’s 6 iPhone … Continue reading

Dog Gone Green

Dog Gone Green Going green does not have to stop at the human scale; there are plenty of ways to include your dog as well. Owning a dog is a great responsibility that reaps even greater rewards in loyalty, laughter and love. However, along with the full package there are many down sides to the … Continue reading

4 Do-It-Yourself Upycling Ideas

4 Do-It-Yourself Upycling Ideas Recycling seems to be the current crown jewel in the mainstream going green approach. However, many feel that more attention should be placed on upcycling which entails turning assumed useless materials into new useful products. It has been in existence ever since humans were in need of innovative applications for everyday … Continue reading

E-Cool-Logical: Convincing Your Teen to Go Green

E-Cool-Logical: Convincing Your Teen to Go Green Not every teenager comes prancing out of the cast of Glee to embrace environmental change. Many are bogged down with sports and school or so disenchanted with things like politics and religion saving the planet seems moot. Convincing your teen to go green takes some clever wrangling of … Continue reading

Gardens for Apartment Living

Gardens for Apartment Living In the wake of a deep and somewhat persistent recession, one of the cooler things to do is to plant a Victory garden. The concept, originally driven home by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his politically active spouse, Eleanor, during WWII, was adopted by many Americans to exemplify their patriotism, as … Continue reading

The Many Uses of Hemp

The Many Uses of Hemp Derived from the cannabis plant, hemp is one of the oldest materials used by humans for well over 12,000 years. In fact, the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and Betsy Ross’ flag were all made from or written on hemp. The many uses of hemp include paper, construction material, … Continue reading