Green Grass and High Tides: Springing into Spring 2013

  As spring continues to wriggle to the surface, what could be more joyful than stepping into it with an open heart, open arms and most importantly open eyes. As you begin to become intoxicated by blooms, buds and more be sure to take notice of many ways to continue your eco-practices.   The Lawn … Continue reading

Unexpected Spring Plantings: Seed the Need

There is no way you can think of spring without images of flowers, fruits and vegetables budding from sprouted seeds or awakening trees. However, since eco-trends have been rapidly growing it is not just spring cliché’s that will have people enjoying this transformative season, it will also include the addition of small green innovations worth … Continue reading

Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed?

Hey, Who You Callin’ a Weed? One of the most exciting and interesting aspects of green living is an avoidance of all those lethal chemicals we once put on our lawns to make them grow, remove weeds, or otherwise cause grass – already a perfectly green product – to behave in ways Nature never intended. … Continue reading

Urban Farms, Everything but the Moo

The concept of supermarkets, where one could go almost any time of day and purchase almost every kind of fruit or vegetable on the planet, regardless of its growing season, is a result of mass production and global marketing. Prior to this mass produce offering, buying an orange at Christmas, for example, was difficult. If … Continue reading

Going Wild in the Backyard

Going Wild in the Backyard By: Sue Moore Turn your backyard into a wildlife refuge! It’s easy with a little help from the Backyard Conservation Program, a joint venture between the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Wildlife Habitat Council, and the National Association of Conservation Districts. According to the NACD over 92 million acres … Continue reading

Composting: A Love Story

Composting: A Love Story I love compost – it is one of my favorite parts of gardening. One of those little things about my father (whom I greatly love) that irritates me to no end is that whenever I talk about compost his first reaction is to say “Yuck!” He is, of course, not alone … Continue reading

What Makes a Season?

What Makes a Season? I’ll be posting here regularly about community supported agriculture (CSA) and my own personal experiences with the tasty, organic produce from my local CSA. Most CSA farms will offer their produce on a seasonal basis. Mine has a warm (March – July) and cool (October – January) delivery schedule with each … Continue reading

A Green Fall Yard Cleanup

A Green Fall Yard Cleanup Fall is all about transitions, and nowhere is that more true than in your yard. Trees are dropping their leaves to prepare for winter, summer perennials are starting to fade, and garden tomatoes and melons are giving way to squash and fresh broccoli. While it may be beautiful, all this … Continue reading

Garden Styles

Garden Styles As we get older, gardening becomes more of a chore. Knees hurt, so kneeling in the dirt can be painful even with knee pads. Hands hurt, too, and anti-arthritis gloves are often too pricey to wear while digging in the dirt or pulling weeds. Finally, while a hat protects (sometimes bald) heads from … Continue reading

For the Love of Compost

For the Love of Compost It’s an unwritten rule: craftsmen buy Milwaukee tools, pro golfers use Cobra drivers, and serious gardeners compost. In fact, a flower or vegetable garden without compost is like a Ferrari without an engine. Additionally, compost bins, barrels or bags come in a variety of sizes, price ranges and methods. Start … Continue reading