Surviving the Farmer’s Market Frenzy

Get ready to saunter through hundreds of produce, floral, crafts, meat and dairy choices as farmer’s markets are now in full swing. It is a whirlwind of colorful, often organic proportions that may make some wonder how to get through it all. Here are a few tips on surviving the farmer’s market frenzy so you … Continue reading

Litterers: Stop them in Their Tracks

Central Park in the heart of Manhattan, NYC can be astounding. Regardless of the current gray and brown winter starkness it is the sheer beauty of its quaint paths, open meadows and timeless structures (such as the 100+ year old carousel). That is why when I saw a tourist (the day-glow fanny pack gave him … Continue reading

Urban Farms, Everything but the Moo

The concept of supermarkets, where one could go almost any time of day and purchase almost every kind of fruit or vegetable on the planet, regardless of its growing season, is a result of mass production and global marketing. Prior to this mass produce offering, buying an orange at Christmas, for example, was difficult. If … Continue reading

Why Join a CSA?

Why Join a CSA? I’ll be posting here regularly about community supported agriculture (CSA) and my own personal experiences with the tasty, organic produce from my local CSA. What is a CSA? Community supported agriculture (CSA), also sometimes known as community shared agriculture, is a community-based alternative to unhealthy and environmentally damaging agricultural practices. Since … Continue reading

How Green Is Your Valley? Reflections on Environment 2012

How Green Is Your Valley? Reflections on Environment 2012 It’s not a question most people are comfortable asking now that Congress has a Republican majority which seems hell-bent on undoing all the environmental advances gained over the past decade. In spite of that, the above question needs answering, if only so that the minority of … Continue reading

Top 10 Super Green Celebrity Women: How Might they Contribute to the Holidays?

Top 10 Super Green Celebrity Women: How Might they Contribute to the Holidays? Once in a while it is fun to peek under the celebrity veil. Celebrities who embrace the green movement send a message to many of their fans and beyond. Therefore, any green message that can sweep the globe through such an influence … Continue reading

Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll

Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll The holidays are the one time of the year when college students are glad to come home again. The lure may not be family or old friends, but simply the feeling of warmth and well-being. It may even be as simple as all the wonderful food smells that blanket … Continue reading

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints From Danielle Nierenberg, formerly Co-Director of Nourishing the Planet (Worldwatch Institute) and now a part of Food Tank, comes another list of things you and I can do to make sure we are green, even if this coming Christmas holiday is more about white (as in snow). … Continue reading

Made in the USA Products: Why Buy Them?

Made in the USA Products: Why Buy Them? Most people want to be loyal to their country but when it comes to saving a buck or purchasing a quality item, made in the USA products seem to fall to the wayside. Currently, however, as our planet becomes more like a village with the speed and … Continue reading

Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012

Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012 Whether you are a socially conscious green friendly consumer or environmentally concerned small business, upcoming American eco-fests for 2012 could be just the thing to visit or join and become an eco-vendor. Throughout our grand country, individuals and groups alike are rising up to share going green updates, ideas and … Continue reading