Filter It: Clean Your Water Right

Filter It: Clean Your Water Right Not long ago it was normal to fill a glass of cold, clear water from the kitchen tap for a refreshing beverage. Nowadays, it is considered in some homes akin to eating off the floor. Dangers lie hidden in many tap water systems. Although it is not immediately alarming, … Continue reading

How to Do a Home Water Audit

How to Do a Home Water Audit It’s so easy to turn on the taps that a lot of us don’t notice how much water we send down the drains every day. But when you add up all those showers, lawns, and dirty dishes, you end up with a lot of wasted water. In fact, … Continue reading

What is Your Water Footprint?

What is Your Water Footprint? Most of us know what a carbon footprint is. For those who don’t, this metric represents an individual’s total, lifecycle burden of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by driving a car, flying in an airplane, buying electricity from our local utility, and other CO2-producing activities. The burden can be calculated by … Continue reading

Greywater: What Is It and How Can It Make a Difference in Your Home?

Greywater: What Is It and How Can It Make a Difference in Your Home? What Is Greywater? Thousands of gallons of water go down the drains in your home every year, but not all of that wasted water is the same. Around a third of home wastewater is flushed down the toilet or run through … Continue reading

How To: Stay Cool and Green

How To: Stay Cool and Green With much of the United States in the grip of one of the worst heat waves in more than 75 years, and a state of deadly, persistent drought across the southern and central states, it’s more important than ever to find ways to keep yourself and your family cool … Continue reading

Rain Catchment: For Residential and Small Business Use

Rain Catchment: For Residential and Small Business Use Water is becoming more expensive and, in due time, more scarce. Because of this, some homes and businesses are rethinking their water output doing everything they can to conserve this precious resource. On the other hand, not many people realize that thinking about their water input is … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for a Greener Summer Vacation

Top 10 Tips for a Greener Summer Vacation It’s officially summer, and for those couples and families not devastated by persistent recession and joblessness, it’s also time for that annual vacation. We’re thinking camping, or RVing, because as pricey as fuel is, it still beats the cost of one or more motel/hotel rooms and eating … Continue reading

20 Uses for Vinegar

20 Ways to Use Vinegar At Home Today most of are familiar with vinegar only from cooking – we pickle vegetables in it, toss it in with poached eggs, or put oil and vinegar on our salads. But throughout most of history vinegar hasn’t just been kept in the kitchen. In fact, in the thousands of … Continue reading

How to Filter Water at Home

How to Filter Water at Home Thanks to modern water treatment methods, most of us can turn on the faucet, start a load of laundry, or jump in the shower without worrying about where our water comes from. But the water that come to our home isn’t as clean as it could be – there … Continue reading

Why Filter Your Water?

Why Filter Your Water? Most of us are fortunate enough to have easy access to treated water, but is the water that comes from our taps really safe? Our water supply is dirtier than ever thanks to contamination from agriculture chemicals, industrial dumping, household cleaning products, and runoff from waste disposal sites. In fact, studies … Continue reading