Unexpected Spring Plantings: Seed the Need

There is no way you can think of spring without images of flowers, fruits and vegetables budding from sprouted seeds or awakening trees. However, since eco-trends have been rapidly growing it is not just spring cliché’s that will have people enjoying this transformative season, it will also include the addition of small green innovations worth … Continue reading

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can Aluminum cans are one of those quiet revolutions that have transformed our lives. We’re so used to seeing them, and using them, we never really think about where they come from – and where they go once we’re finished with them. For example, in 2011 (the last year for … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bag

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bag Plastic first appeared on the scene in 1862, at the Great International Exhibit in London. This coincided with Abraham Lincoln’s declaration of war against the Confederacy, a loose coalition of Southern states. Plastic’s inventor was named Alexander Parks, and his version of this almost ubiquitous substance … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of … the Paper Bag

A Day in the Life of … the Paper Bag One of the biggest and potentially most eco-friendly choices we can make is when the sales clerk asks us whether we want paper or plastic. Even those who don’t really believe in global warming acknowledge the environmental damage created by plastic bags: million of trapped … Continue reading

Greening the Brown Paper Bag

Greening the Brown Paper Bag Actually, it’s hard to do. The pleated brown paper bag, essence of all that has been lunch for the past seven decades or more, is already pretty darn green. The paper part is biodegradable, and the machines that make the bag rectangular, pleated, and foldable/stackable were invented in 1890 by … Continue reading

Learning from the Bees, Levi Touts Stronger Jeans

Learning from the Bees, Levi Touts Stronger Jeans In a print media full of hype, one or two articles stand out. One is the Denny’s Restaurant chain, which plans to capitalize on the mesmerizing little hobbits of J.R.R. Tolkien fame in their new movie – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey– to peddle Middle Earth meals. … Continue reading

Unique Uses for Trash: Someone’s Garbage, Is Another Someone’s Treasure

Unique Uses for Trash: Someone’s Garbage, Is Another Someone’s Treasure When it comes to our municipal trash we are on the right track but have a ways to go. The EPA estimated in a 2010 survey that American refuse was approximately 54.2% discarded, about 11.2% used for “combustion with energy recovery” and around 34.1% recycled … Continue reading

Choosing to Reuse

Choosing to Reuse One of the better “green” books to come on the market is Choose to Reuse by Nikki & David Goldbeck. A little dated, since it was first published in 1995, the content remains useful largely because the book’s central premise is that reusing is better than recycling. What’s the difference, you might … Continue reading

Biodegradable Choices

Biodegradable Choices There are many choices that the American consumer is privileged to have. Walk into a supermarket or department store and count the array of brands for the same product. With so many choices why not try a biodegradable one so you can reduce your carbon footprint and minimize growing landfill. Why Choose Biodegradable … Continue reading

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach Earth’s oceans are vast – they cover 71% of our planet’s surface – and the majority of that area is never visited or even seen by people, which can make it easy to ignore the growing problem of pollution in our waters. It’s an especially difficult issue to tackle because, even in the parts … Continue reading