The Case For and Against Ethanol

Ever since commercial production of corn-based ethanol first began – in 2004 in Canada and about 2008 in the United States – there have been highly vocal proponents and opponents. The first cite ethanol’s cleaner burn and a reduction of greenhouse gases and particulates. The latter argue that taking corn from the food supply and … Continue reading

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

At least once a month, some self-styled electrical power expert (often from the Republican side of the aisle) will insist that: Wind and solar energy will never have more than a minimal market share of energy resources Wind and solar will remain above grid parity, in terms of consumer costs, well into the middle of … Continue reading

The West Coast Wonder: California’s Response to Global Warming

California has always been at the forefront of progress and radical change. Maybe the weather keeps its citizens buzzing with open minds and open ideas or maybe it attracts higher thinkers but either way the Golden State is at it again. On January 1st, 2013 the state of California, in conjunction with the California Air … Continue reading

Sustania: The Business of Sustainable Business

Discussing the environment can be akin to discussing religion or politics, not a place you may want to go with some people. Fingers begin to point, misunderstandings flare and a nice afternoon can go sour in an instant. However, what if there was a chance for the free market to step in and convince many … Continue reading

A Good Tax Credit for Small Business, Large Business and Residential Advancement

A Good Tax Credit for Small Business, Large Business and Residential Advancement Throughout the 2012 campaign, dramatics about taxes where abound in full force. They continued into and around the fiscal cliff crisis and in the end, we all got taxed one way or another. However, it is not often that we hear about how … Continue reading

What is Happening with the Rainforests?

What is Happening with the Rainforests? It seems that there are so many pressing environmental issues close to home that when someone mentions the rainforest it is hard to picture. Most Americans visualize a beautiful, humid jungle that some people are cutting down here and there. What many do not realize is the environmental and … Continue reading

Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED

Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED Most of us can agree that moving towards environmentally-friendly building practices is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. After all, the construction industry accounts for around a quarter of all non-industrial waste production in the U.S., and buildings are some of the biggest resource hogs … Continue reading

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy The American wind energy industry is hanging on, but only by a thread. Competing with everything from powerful global oil companies to wealthy coastline communities to constant political wrangling, the future of American wind energy is teetering. In a November 2012 report by … Continue reading

Canada Engages in Massive Climate Modification Program

Canada Engages in Massive Climate Modification Program According to an article published on Tuesday, October 16, the Canadians – once North America’s environmental stewards – have launched what is being called “the world’s most significant geoengineering project to date.” It consists of dumping iron sulfate into the Pacific Ocean. The project is a cooperative venture … Continue reading

Trust for Public Lands Offers Green Gift Suggestions

Trust for Public Lands Offers Green Gift Suggestions What do you get for the friend or family member who insists they have everything? The Trust for Public Lands has a few suggestions, ranging from gifts for single or parenting city dwellers to gifts for nature lovers.   For the first group, consider: Donating to a … Continue reading