Top 10 Ways to Save the Planet by Cleaning Your Home

Top 10 Ways to Save the Planet by Cleaning Your Home

1.TURN OFF THE TV! If you’re a TV watcher, pick one night a week and go “TV Free” And turn off all other electrical appliances you aren’t using. Feel the hum lessen. Get out of the way of unnecessary electrical currents. Did we mention to turn that TV off?!!

2. DETOXIFY your home! Go through those kitchen cupboards. Throw out the poisons and chemicals you use to clean. Your body can’t handle it. Your sink may sparkle but you won’t. Start small. Just throw out the bleach, ammonia products and things with warning labels. We’ll show you how to do this with your whole house. Or just switch and use vinegar to replace ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to replace bleach. It works!

3. CLEAN your house! Get those dust bunnies. Dirt equals disharmony. Keep your house dust, dirt, mold and mildew and mite free. It’s a sure fire way to encourage good health. Keep your sacred space, your castle, your external immune system, CLEAN. And you can do it without disturbing the environment, with eco-friendly products. You can have an aesthetically pleasing and healthy home all in one.

4. PURIFY your water and air, two of nature’s most treasured resources. As you drink and breathe, feel the connection to all the living entities doing the same thing. Buy an air filter and water purifier to get back to what nature intended.

5. PROTECT your surroundings. Is your basement full of radon? Are you living under power lines? Are your walls painted with lead paint? Is your ceiling dropping asbestos dust on you? Find out. All of these toxic substances are life threatening and worth eliminating.

6. ORGANIZE your house. Clear away that clutter. An organized pace creates flow, increased energy and abundance. Give away those old clothes. Have that garage sale you keep meaning to have. Let go of what you don’t need to make room for what you do. Without clearing the space of old things, new things cannot come in.

7. RECYCLE and throw out all the plastic you can. The long term effects of plastics are alarming and that’s just the part we know about. Switch to natural, organic materials whenever possible. Choose eco-friendly products.

8. CONSERVE, conserve, conserve. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Turn off lights in rooms you are not in. Turn off computers you’re not working on; turn down the thermostat; re-time your sprinklers; use cloth napkins instead of paper, real dishes instead of plastic. There are numerous ways to conserve without losing convenience. Try at least one.



9. CREATE a sacred space in your home. Make it a space that reflects your views, beliefs, emotions, beauty – your sense of self and what you want to contribute to the rest of the world . Ultimately it will be your whole house and even the whole world, but for now it just can be a room, a corner of a room, even a shelf or a drawer if necessary. Make it a work of art, your special place. Set up an altar, a garden, anything that promotes tranquility, beauty, peace, and vitality. Gather images, flowers, statues, books, whatever says “time out – I’m taking a break”.

10. ACTIVATE your consciousness. Sit in or near (and reflecting on) your sacred space at least once a day to meditate, rest, reflect or connect to that which is true for you. Stop yourself and go into this space for at least 10 minutes a day to connect with yourself, your goals, your higher power, and remember that you are all these things.

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