Needle into Spring: Acupuncture for a Green Start

acupunctureAs spring springs you may be feeling a little sluggish from your hibernating winter ways. Whether you live in a snow ravaged climate or even a tepid part of the country your body still knows and acts according to the four seasons. It is often the change of light that clues the circadian rhythm (your inner time clock) to outside changes regardless of climate. Therefore, if you want to catapult your way into a green friendly spring with the energy and gumption to ‘hit-the-ground-running’, acupuncture just may be the tool to get you there.

The Quick and Dirty History of Acupuncture

Many people are familiar with acupuncture but few know its roots, mechanism and overall experience. Its origin is hard to pinpoint (pun intended), however researchers have found evidence of its application as far back as the Shang Dynasty (1600-1100 BCE) and possibly earlier. Interestingly, some attribute its discovery to when Chinese soldiers returned from battle with arrow wounds that were found to alleviate previous, chronic pain. Either way, it is becoming more embraced by western medicine used for many ailments from relieving anxiety, addiction and assisting in weight maintenance to helping joint pain, muscle challenges and even, in some cases, cancer treatment. Acupuncture is rarely painful although sometimes when a particular point is worked there can be some minor discomfort. The concept is akin to removing rocks from a riverbed to allow it to flow more freely. The river represents your inner energy life force or Qi (pronounced chee) and the rocks represent sluggish, stuck energy impeding homeostasis (optimal health). Sessions usually last about forty-five minutes and are often very meditative and relaxing. Results can be immediate or take several sessions to manifest.

How Can Acupuncture Help the Going Green Movement?

Sometimes it is the big picture that many people neglect to focus on. Most look at the immediate, small things around them and forget about how simple changes in their actions can affect the grand scheme of things. This is where acupuncture can fit into the green movement. First of all, as you become pro-active and preventative against potential ailments you are bettering yourself. As you embrace this holistic healing you, believe it or not (at least according to Classical Chinese Medicine, CCM), open your ‘vessel’ to energetic changes. Healing is a positive thing and if positive energy is the result, your eco-friendly ways will escalate and quite possibly catch on. In addition, by not perpetuating synthetic, manufactured, corporate fueled medication you become one less cog in the wheel of drug and insurance company power.

Try acupuncture this spring to bring your quality of life even higher. Below is an excerpt from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen), an historic text from 240 BC that is still considered today, by many, as the ‘bible’ of CCM.

“The accomplished ones, of ancient times, advised people how to guard themselves against disease-causing factors. On the mental level, one should remain calm and avoid excessive desires and fantasies, recognizing and maintaining the natural purity and clarity of the mind. When internal energies are able to circulate smoothly and freely, and the energy of the mind is not scattered, but is focused and concentrated, illness and disease can be avoided.”

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