Unexpected Spring Plantings: Seed the Need

There is no way you can think of spring without images of flowers, fruits and vegetables budding from sprouted seeds or awakening trees. However, since eco-trends have been rapidly growing it is not just spring cliché’s that will have people enjoying this transformative season, it will also include the addition of small green innovations worth noting.

Chopstick Chia

chopstick-sproutIn 2009 Greenpeace China estimated that approximately 77 billion pairs of chopsticks are produced annually, threatening timber resources. Many are trying to forego this problem by offering recycled or reusable chopsticks. However one company has gone one step further to include some spring sprouting in their version. Yanko Design has developed the ‘To Be Nature Wood Chopstick’. It is made of wood however on the tip is a ‘starch cap’ (made from potato or corn) holding a seed. When the chopstick has finished its use, stick it in the earth and walk away. The starch cap melts, the seed sprouts and the plant climbs up the chopstick. There is also a hole on the opposite end where one can add another chopstick to build a vine growing extravaganza.

The Sprouting Pencil

pencil-sproutIt may sound like a children’s book but the sprouting pencil is yet another innovation similar to the ‘To Be Nature Wood Chopstick’. The company Demacrotech has created their version with the seed embedded in a water activated capsule where the eraser would be. They offer a list of available seeds including eggplant, cilantro, dill, basil, forget-me-not, cherry tomato, marigold, sage, thyme and something called ‘special edition bacon’. They are even working on making the color of the pencil match the color of the plant it will grow.


Coast Into Spring

coasterMolson Canadian has been distributing unique disposable coasters since June 2012. The interesting thing about this product is that after the coaster has done its job protecting bar counters across the globe, it can then be planted to produce none other than a strapping young tree. Developed to encourage reforestation due to excessive timber harvesting, this Red Leaf Project is one million coasters strong putting reforestation in front of every beer drinker giving them no excuse but to get involved.

Track It

plant-chileThe Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa in Chile has come up with an innovative way to replace fire ravaged forest in the Chilean Patagonia which has decimated hundreds of trees and wildlife habitats. The hotel offers each guest a ‘virtual trackable seed’. Through a partnership with the not-for-profit organization, Reforestemos Patagonia, each guest is offered a special code that correlates with a seed and location of that seed’s planting (which the guest chooses). Once the seed is in place the guest receives a Google Map link to track its growth.

It is these innovations that will take planetary healing to the next level. Soon, the convenience of unsustainable, disposable, landfill products will have competition in just as convenient eco-friendly choices instead. No longer will people be able to turn a blind eye to their green responsibility when it will be placed, literally, in the palm of their hand.


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