5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

earthApril 22nd is another Earth Day celebration shouting to those that have not already embraced their role in the earth healing mission; reminding those that are already on the path; and offering even others more opportunity to learn about or contribute to new innovation, technology and more. Here are 10 ideas on how you may want to wake up and tackle Earth Day this year. Do not be one of those peripheral citizens who comment, “Today is Earth Day? I didn’t even know. Oh well.” Instead, act as if this is your special holiday right up there with Christmas, Passover, Kwanza or any other that seems to stop the masses for some downtime. Hold your head high and pick a few off the list to make your mark and to keep on keeping on.

Cancel the Car

Dust off your bicycle, borrow or purchase one to get you off the fossil fuel addiction for a day. What better way to show your Earth Day support than strapping on a helmet and getting into cycling mode. Take your partner, kids, friends or start your own Earth Day Cycling Circle that just may stick beyond April 22nd.

Pay it Forward

You are always busy and never get a chance to give back your time. This Earth Day make a concerted effort to push aside your schedule and pay it forward. Find anything green related to stay within the day’s theme such as helping in a community garden, joining or forming litter cleanup or offer your green knowledge and set up a free eco-class to pass the torch to future ‘greeners’.

Get Internet Green

After you get back from your outdoor Earth Day celebrations spend the rest of the day setting up a green Internet mission. Here are some changes you can make if you have not done so already:

  • Go paperless and set up as many online bill payments as possible.
  • Switch your search engine to a wind, solar or hydro powered site.
  • Create and send e-invitations to your next event.
  • E-mail your local politician with a green concern.
  • Start your own green blog.

Toxin Swap

Most household cleaning chemicals eventually show up in your water table not to mention your bloodstream as well. Make Earth Day your spring-board toward a toxin-free home by implementing biodegradable, compostable and/or non-toxic cleaning products that just may surprise you with their compatibility.

Let There be Light

Earth Day is the perfect day to change your eco-unfriendly incandescent light bulbs and replace them with CFL, LED or corrected incandescent choices. Get everyone at home involved and have fun doing it. By the end of the day when you fire up each lamp or ceiling fixture you can breathe easy that you certainly made your mark.

May this Earth Day be your chance to shine even brighter than before with one of these ways to celebrate or by coming up with your own. Remember: actions are louder than words and this is just the time to hit the ground running.


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