Earth Day Outlook: Green Trend Update

On April 22nd, as you celebrate Earth Day, you can wow your peers with an update on green trending that is coming down the pike. As more folks step on board the healing planet bus, many are producing some significant technological, political, and artistic innovations to fuel the fire.
In the past, many that plunked down their hard earned coin for an eco-friendly product would quickly be dismayed. Whether it was organic, battery, solar, wind or any other green application, the lack of ability to compare to or surpass non-eco products was often the case. Well it seems that that may still be a challenge on some production fronts but more green products are now doing what’s intended. The term to look for is ‘eco-superior’ which may become a new label in the green vernacular. Eco-superior products such as ‘tree-free paper’ and ‘plant starch disposables’ will be just as durable and aesthetically designed as their non-green competition.
voluntourismFrom green crowd-funding to flash mobs, voluntourism or volunteer tourism, has joined the green march. Voluntourism offers a way to take a new kind of ‘working vacation’ by learning and practicing eco-friendly as well as humanitarian ways through volunteer programs within and beyond our shores. Some have negatively critiqued this new trend deeming it a ‘band-aid’ approach to bigger, more complex problems, however as voluntourism matures so too will its effects. Here are some volunteer excursions that will open your (and possibly your children’s) eyes to paying it forward:

  • Assisting in third world infrastructure construction as well as sustainable agriculture programs.
  • Teaching English to poor communities.
  • Running a soup kitchen for a week.
  • Creating daily green practices amongst poor communities.
  • Litter and recycle cleanup.

Free enterprise will always spawn shysters and shylocks and the green market is no exception. By using labels that include words such as: green, eco-friendly, organic, recycled and more means to hold a high standard to that actual claim. Most usually do, however, for those that need some additional hand holding the Federal Trade Commission is going to demand that green claims adhere to stricter changes being amended to its Green Guides. These include more detailed information rather than a broad spectrum of labels. Look for ‘USDA Bio-preferred‘ as one of many up and coming new green product descriptions.
The Obama administration has its challenges yet it continues to push for clean energy solutions. Renowned green building consultant, Jerry Yudelson, predicts that under the current administration more buildings will follow the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) template especially using solar and water conservation applications. Green Federal building projects will continue to lead the way and private construction will receive even more incentives (as well as requirements) for an infrastructure change that, if embraced by future administrations, will surely make a big difference in planetary healing. May this Earth Day bring exciting trends your way through local celebrations displaying new innovations giving you more info, more curiosity and especially more hope.


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