How Will Your Small Business Celebrate Earth Day 2013?

On April 22nd, 2013 Earth Day will yet again be celebrated throughout the globe. If you own a small business or even work in one, this is the perfect opportunity to unveil a green initiative or continue your support for planetary healing. Either way, the demographic of potential green conscious consumers is turning greener by the minute which, while helping the environment, offers you the opportunity to get on the green consumer’s radar as well. Recent surveys by the Shelton Group, People and Planet, Green Seal and EnviroMedia show a significant rise in mainstream green interest with some reporting upwards of 82% “continuing to make green purchases despite of the slow economy”. This year, show them how you embrace green change and celebrate Earth Day in style.
Sponsor an Earth Day Spring Run
If someone is working on their health to the tune of being a serious runner, chances are they are most likely on the going green bus too. Sponsor a local 6K run (about 3 miles) complete with music, clean food, prizes and anything else you can muster. Team up with other, neighboring small business and your point meter in the eyes of the community will skyrocket.
cactusPlant Giveaway
What is better than receiving a free plant on Earth Day? Set up some advertising a few weeks before, announcing a free plant giveaway with purchase of a denomination of your choosing. You can get a good deal on many small plants or cacti at most local nurseries or even a Home Depot gardening center. Offer them right at the register or send them to clients complete with a pro-Earth Day note.
Display Some Green Products
Whether you are selling them or helping out a green company, displaying the newest green innovations will have wide-eyed greenies lined up while at the same time throwing business your way. Some interesting products include a portable air purifier, solar powered battery chargers, natural flooring choices, hemp and vegan products and tons more.
Create an Electronic Drop-off Location
If people have a place to drop off their old cell phones, computers, radios, printers and more why not make it your small business location. There are plenty of organizations that will come to you to pickup discarded electronic devices and some will even pay you for them. Plus, it will put them in the right hands rather than end up polluting streets or landfills.
Hold an Earth Day Contest
Get creative and think up some great ways people can become green active using your small business to do it. Holding an Earth Day contest can mean anything from writing the best eco-poetry or cleaning up street litter to beautifying local landscapes or adding to a green donation drive. Everyone loves contests and once they stop by your store, office or website to join in, they won’t have a choice but to see how awesome your small business is.
Make Earth Day a genuine celebration this year with your business at the forefront of it all. It just may be the best thing you ever did for your company and the planet.


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