Bedroom Green: 6 Eco-Sexy Tips

Sex is everywhere you look. Computer, television, film, theatre, magazines, you name it. So much so that it has almost de-sensitized the importance of its benefits, intimacy and overall specialness. For instance, sex can lower stress levels, improve your memory, increase your sense of smell and strengthen your immune system. Therefore, why not have more of it? And while you are finding the time and energy to steal away with your lover, why not incorporate some green tactics to make even the most intimate of intimates another step in lowering your carbon footprint and/or helping heal the planet?

Thwart the Swimmers with Green Sense

Birth control medication can actually wreak havoc down the line. Author Gillian Deacon comments in her book, ‘Green for Life’, “Whether from the Pill, the patch or hormone injections, synthetic estrogen makes its way into [our waterways] and has been shown to alter the apparent gender of fish.” Instead of leaching another chemical into our water system use an IUD or latex condoms (not flushed down the toilet of course).

Slide Under Bamboo Sheets

kissingBamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Therefore, the next time you and your honey get horizontal, do so under bamboo sheets which wick moisture away from the skin, act as a natural antibacterial and is softer than cotton. Other eco-friendly choices are organic cotton or hemp silk.

Lighten the Mood

There is nothing like candlelight for a romantic interlude so before you purchase toxic, unfriendly wax candles, consider beeswax, vegetable or soy candles. They burn cleaner, longer and more evenly than paraffin. (Do check the ingredients first as some ‘natural’ candles have paraffin snuck in).

Tame Your Toys

If you venture into sex toy play be sure and choose products that do not contain phthalates. Greenpeace reported on the dangers of this chemical softener citing that it can damage reproductive organs, adversely affect the kidneys and liver as well as disrupt important hormone production. Choose PVC-free material and/or glass, wood, rechargeable and yes, even solar vibrators.

Lighten the Lube

Let’s face it, some folks need some extra slide. However, lubes that contain petroleum, parabens (including methylparabens and propylparabens), grapefruit seed extract (a natural paraben), DEA (diethanolamine), glycerine, menthol, propylene glycol, silicone, methylisothiazolinone and nonoxynol-9 all have the potential to create body as well as eco-adverse affects. Look for lubes made from seaweed, aloe and other water-based, minimal ingredient listings.

Flush it Before You Flush It

Urinating after sex can actually be good for the environment. When one rolls over and goes to sleep (especially women) all sorts of nasty bacteria can begin to breed ‘down there’ and before you know it you will be taking antibiotics and urinating them into the waterway.

Keep it green wherever you work or play. Set an example when bragging about your awesome lover and throw in one or more of these eco-awareness tips to pass along the song. Remember, it ‘aint right until it’s right so keep it real and keep it rollin’.


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