Green Small Business Startup Ideas

If you own a small business you probably already know how important it is to embrace and incorporate some sort of green initiative into your business model. However, if you are searching for just the right match between making a living as a small business entrepreneur and saving the planet at the same time, here are some green ideas that just may springboard you into a whole new niche.

Small Business, Small Space, Small Garden

Many urban dwellers do not have the luxury of obtaining a second home nestled in nature’s stunning embrace. Therefore, why not bring nature to them. Start with setting up organic gardening packages that fit each customer’s needs. You map out a space, build it into a soil holding, seed sprouting extravaganza and your customer reaps homegrown bouquets and/or a variety of organic vegetables.

Wax and Wane  

There are hundreds of opportunities to hawk your wares at festivals, street fairs and more. A big seller is organic handmade bee or soy wax candles. Custom design them by infusing organic essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, peppermint and more. They burn slower, cleaner and do not leave smoke residue like paraffin candles.

Lend a Hand

Starting a local lending business seems to be a sprouting phenomenon across the country. If you are one of those people that has every gadget, movie, CD, DVD or any other usable item you can start a local lending library company. There is no overhead as you already store what you have so all you need to do is charge a nominal rental fee to a local radius of customers via advertising, word of mouth or both, and bring in some extra coin. It is green re-using at its finest.

Recycled Art

The internet has enabled people that would normally be confined to selling their art at the whim and expense of consignment shops, bazaars and the like. Creating and selling recycled art such as sea glass jewelry, colorful Tupperware lamps, vintage style clothing, etc. can reap a pretty penny if you have the ability to rise throwaways from the ashes. Sell on Etsy, E-bay, Craigslist or any other hub you can find to shout out your small business bargains.

goats Green Goats

No, they’re not Irish but they are great for the environment. Raising and renting out goats can be a viable business in the right geographical location of course. Goats eat anything so people that need their yards cleared of poison ivy, pesky vines, and overall bramble nuisances can easily rent your goats to do the job without the use of gas power, man power or poisons.

Planet Consultations, Inc.

If you have a knack for detailed green knowledge then you may be carrying around a moneymaking brain. Hang your shingle as a professional green consultant helping residential and commercial interests go-green the right way by offering resources, product recommendations and lifestyle changes. You will be surprised at how many people need and are willing to pay for your advice.

If you enter the world of business why not do it on your terms? Go small business green and feel good about keeping it real.


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