10 Green Ways to Get Through Winter’s Days

winter storm

winter storm

Winter is here in full swing and sometimes it can take its toll both physically and financially. It can also become so uncomfortable for some that remaining green seems difficult when just trying to forge through inclement weather, stay warm or simply deal with the drastic change of sunlight can be a challenge. Obviously the Northeast and Midwest do get the brunt of it, however, even if you are in a warm weather belt winter changes are relative to what you are used to. Below are 10 green ways to get through winter’s days which may hopefully remind you to stay the course as well as possibly give you some info you never realized.

  1. Layer Up – Before you run to the heat dial, crank it up and deal with the high utility bill later, put on some layers. So many people get used to the convenience of traipsing around in light, comfortable clothing they forget that a few layers will save money, save energy and keep you healthy as blood circulation stays warm and flowing.
  2.  Do Not Retire the Bike – Most folks store away their bicycle until better weather emerges. Why? Save gas all year round and winterize your ride with fatter tires, slip-free pedals and tight, warm, riding duds.
  3. Be Nice When You De-Ice – Don’t pollute the environment with toxic chemical de-icing salts. Use calcium magnesium acetate or calcium chloride instead.
  4. Have Non-Electric Fun – Sitting home and using more energy than you need can have you lethargic and gaining weight in no time. Get out and sled, ski, snowshoe, anything physical.
  5. Re-Light – Winter is the best time to change all your incandescent light bulbs and replace them with bright, vapor-free LED bulbs. Bright white or cool blue can help the dark doldrums that come with winter.
  6. Feel the Seal – Any simple sealing of drafty spots will go a long way in keeping expensive energy in.
  7. Keep it Cold – Some estimate that upwards of 90% of washing machine energy is used to heat the water for a hot wash. Plus, in the winter months it takes more energy due to frigid water temperature.
  8. Essential Aroma – Being indoors during the winter means smelling more odors. Don’t succumb to land filler, chemically treated, electricity depleting room deodorizers and get some essential oils. Sprinkle such scents as lavender, jasmine, lemon, peppermint and more on old porous wood (driftwood works great) or even dab on cotton and place in a tea strainer. Your room air will naturally blossom.
  9. Get Board – After your outdoor activities, get the board games and stay off the electronics even longer.
  10. Empty the Fridge – If a bunch of glass and plastic containers are eating up your refrigerator space, use the cool outdoors to do the work.

Why make the winter an energy guzzling world of boring hibernation. Keep the television to a minimum and connect through everyday green practices as well as coming up with some of your own. There is always an opportunity to embrace our planet.


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