10 New Money Saving Eco-Tips

10 New Money Saving Eco-Tips

Practicing such habits as recycling, re-using, responsible consumerism and more are all ways to keep costs down and eco-healing up. The hardest part of a green lifestyle is not caving to the incessant, flashy, often hypnotic tactics advertising company’s use to get you to purchase a new product you do not need. It may be hard to watch your friends or family tout around the newest gadget, clothing, pocketbooks and more but if you look closely at your silent contribution to sustainable living you are surpassing all of them tenfold.

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Purchase a Used Bicycle

Purchasing and (if need be) fixing up a used bicycle keeps a viable tool out of the landfill heap. Before you buy keep an eye out for damaging rust, bent rims/frame and tire dry rot.

Purchase Many Used Bicycles

Create a bicycle sharing collection by pooling together cash and purchasing a group of used bikes that can be used by anyone at designated drop off and pick up locations. NYC unveils their bike share program this spring.

Go Back to the Library for Gosh Sake

This quickly fading pastime is still available in most towns and cities. It is re-using at its best. Don’t pay for books or e-reader downloads, check them out from your local library.

Donate Clothing and Get a Tax Break

Haven’t worn it for a year, make sure it is not damaged or dirty and donate it to your local thrift shop. Ask for an assumed value receipt and deduct it from your taxes.

On Consignment

If you want to make money off your new or slightly used clothing, stop into a local consignment shop. Items on consignment are a percentage split of profits between the shop owner and the consignee.

Feel Better, Save Money

Open the windows in your home and air out encased toxins such as off gassing volatile organic compounds (VOC) like paint or carpet fumes. Feel better and save time and money on an otherwise costly doctor’s visit.

Light Sensor

Installing light sensors (it is a simple process) in all rooms does away with having to worry about flipping a switch. It goes on when you enter and goes off when you leave.

Check Your Local Municipality Updates

Many people live in the same place for years and do not realize that their recycle pickup occasionally becomes updated. Call your town hall and see if more recyclables are being accepted. Believe it or not better recycling saves money when it comes back around to you.

House Swap

Instead of contributing to enormous hotel and resort waste, set up a house swap the next time you travel. Social announcement boards like Craigslist offer a variety of people looking to swap. Be sure to stay safe using references as well as making sure your temporary tenants are checked on by a friend or family member.

These are a few of the many ways to save money going green. Explore as many as you can or come up with your own. It’s worth it.


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