Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

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Fortunately many schools, from public to private, are incorporating environmental teaching into their curriculum. Children learn from a very early age how to turn a light off when they leave a room, not to litter and what recycling means. However, even though the message is there, in many cases it is short of being effective. This is where parents can enter the equation and carry the green ball further than school budgets can afford. Learn how to bring an afterschool green message program to elementary students that just may stick beyond, prior, vague attempts.

Get Past the Keeper of the Keys – Join the PTA

Bringing new ideas into an afterschool curriculum can be threatening to the many parents that are embedded in the system through their PTA status (Parent Teacher’s Association). Here you may have to be on your best behavior to get your program started which means joining the PTA. As your presence becomes trusted so will your ideas, especially if you kiss butt in the name of green. Note: Working around children in any capacity often requires being fingerprinted.

Mission Statement

Your ultimate goal is to tattoo green information into every child’s memory so by the time they step out of their last day of high school they will unquestionably live a green friendly future.

Your Presentation

Setting up a valid, well thought out presentation as to how you are going to implement your program is crucial. Below are some afterschool activities that could be offered.

  • Solar Smore-a-Thon – This activity teaches the power of the sun and the lack of  need for fossil fuels. Disney’s Mom and Family Portfolio came up with a great way to get children involved in creating makeshift ovens that slowly create evenly melted s’mores. You can also bring a solar oven of your own. Include some fun facts on solar power along with other clean energy options. Be sure and keep it simple for growing minds.
  • Recycling Club – Kids love clubs and if it stays within their ‘that’s cool’ meter a recycling club can be a great success. Advertise with quotes from current kid celebs and other clever incentives. Several adults and parental permission (or participation) may be needed for recycling excursions.
  • Eco-Newsletter – This is a great way to mix the eco-message with training for future journalists, photographers and more. Create a top rate team of roving members and watch the freedom of speech flourish with the message of green.
  • Compost Club – Here’s another club where kids can learn about re-use,  especially boys if you play up the worm factor. Add to or even start a school garden and watch them line up to join.
  • For the Birds – Build a birdhouse habitat which will stay with a kid forever. As local wildlife moves in, the child’s creation will turn into a teaching tool that will hopefully make them want to preserve more wildlife, throughout their life..

Shake up the scene and get them eco-excited. It could just change the landscape of their learning.


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