Small Business: Green Meeting Tips

Small Business: Green Meeting Tips

If you own a small business, meetings are an integral part of everyday transactions. Whether it is an impromptu warehouse powwow or an on the road swanky hotel think tank, there are many ways green tactics can weasel in. Implementing small or large adjustments in a meeting scenario is an excellent way to readjust much needed brain energy that could otherwise become unconsciously fogged or distracted. Test the waters and sneak in some green meeting tips. You may be surprised at the reaction as well as the possible, improved progress you look for from a meeting in the first place.

The Venue

. . .

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  • In-House – If you are having an on-site business meeting with employees you want to pick a location with the least distractions, natural air and light as well as comfort ability. Any challenges besides the initial subject matter can detract from your meeting goal.
  • Off-Site – Setting up an off-site meeting offers the opportunity to control your choice via green initiative selections. Pick the venue according to their green practices by speaking to a manager. Ask how green fits in to their organization, if the manager has the wrong answers move on.

Printed Material

Most meetings require hard copy of one thing or another. If you need to job out printed meeting material, do so through a company that uses recycled, chlorine-free paper and soy based inks. If the material gets copied in-house make sure your paper supplier offers a high proportion postconsumer product.

Digital Material

You can avoid printed material altogether by using a digital application instead. If your budget allows, designating a group of tablet computers for meetings can be a great way to digitally link all the information to each member. If tablets are not possible, set up a digital smart board or large PC screen for all to view. Otherwise, laptop ready employees are a perfect digital audience.

Meeting Food

If food becomes part of the meeting there are ways you can ramp up from the usual crap the local deli serves up. Before your next meeting take a look at your food choices. Speaking to the manager of your food choice location you can reduce unnecessary packaging, over ordering and low grade quality. By limiting meat and sugar menu items there is a chance that those attending will use less brain energy digesting a toxic mix of energy crashing food. Bring in low on the food chain, clean choices such as vegetable dishes, limited cheese and carbohydrates, high protein like skinless chicken and baked fish and fruit and nuts for dessert. Keep the beverages to filtered spring or sparkling water, herbal teas, low sugar juices and if you can, replace coffee with high, botanical caffeine Yerba Mate’. This will give members a slow, energy rise without the extra acid and crash potential of coffee.

Re-think your next meeting and set it up with a green edge. After a few attempts take a tally as to how successful it turned out. You may be pleased with the positive results


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