Home Improvement with Green Products

Home Improvement with Green Products

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Tackling home improvement projects not only takes a great deal of patience and planning but it often requires a laundry list of toxic materials. Twenty years ago these may have been all you had to choose from. Nowadays, there are a variety of environmentally friendly home improvement products to choose from. Whether it is a glue, paint, polish or wax don’t become victim to dangerous fumes or other slow leaching volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may jeopardize your and/or your family’s health. Go the extra mile and choose a responsible approach to your fixer up project.

Faucet Aerator

A faucet aerator is a device made of a simple metal screen that is easily screwed into the end of a faucet. As the water flows through the aerator creates air flow, reducing the amount of water released by breaking it down into finer droplets. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that installing “faucet aerators is the single most effective water conservation savings you can do for your home.” In fact, it is estimated that you could save approximately 60% in water waste. The 2.5 gallons per minute released from a standard faucet can become .5gpm after an aerator is installed. In addition, it can lower heating cost as less water needs to be heated when washing dishes for instance.

PVA Glue and Non-Toxic Contract Adhesives

Many glues can give off toxic gasses during and after use. Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) is a material that does not release these gasses and can be used to glue almost any basic project. For more serious home improvement such as adhering tile, vinyl, slate, Formica and more, chlorinated solvents are the usual go-to adhesive. American Formulating & Manufacturing (AFM) is a company dedicated to being “the leading innovator in paint and building products with reduced toxicity to preserve indoor air quality.” Their Safecoat brand offers a variety of non-toxic adhesives, sealants, caulking and more that is as good, or even better than its toxic competitors. In fact, AFM has been awarded the Scientific Certification System’s Indoor Air Quality Gold Certification for achieving the most stringent indoor air quality objectives in North America.


Unless you are in the construction industry you probably do give much thought to potentially toxic flooring. From vinyl tiles to polyester rugs there is a good chance that toxic levels are high and will continue off-gassing for years. Not something you want a baby crawling around on. Instead, look for materials such as woven organic natural fibers, cork, naturally treated wood and safe rubber choices instead.

Low or No VOC

EPA research shows that exposure to VOC’s contribute to eye and respiratory irritation as well as headaches, dizziness and possible cancer risks. Reducing paint fumes has been a major leap in the industry for over fifteen years. Low or No VOC Safecoat, Metalcoat and DuroStain are all top of the line paints, primers, glazes and stains that will get the job done and keep your surroundings safe.

Look for the best and safest home improvement materials to keep the green behind all the sheen.


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