Top 10 Super Green Celebrity Women: How Might they Contribute to the Holidays?

Top 10 Super Green Celebrity Women: How Might they Contribute to the Holidays?

Once in a while it is fun to peek under the celebrity veil. Celebrities who embrace the green movement send a message to many of their fans and beyond. Therefore, any green message that can sweep the globe through such an influence is always a plus, especially during the holidays.

Gisele Bundchen

This supermodel keeps her holiday green by decorating her 22,000 foot green home in addition to her Clean Water Project and eco-friendly, perfect holiday gift, skincare line.

Cameron Diaz

This actress keeps it green by visiting friends during the holiday in her green machine Prius as well as touts her MTV reality series Eco-Trippin’ under her belt for spreading the message.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia’s green passion remains steadfast while celebrating the holidays in her solar paneled home amidst her anti-fur, vegan eating practices. She too offers gift choices with her newly launched vegan cosmetics line.

Natalie Portman

Choose Natalie’s vegan footwear line to help her spread holiday gift giving cheer. She chooses her holiday as a vegetarian while wearing her certified conflict-free diamond engagement ring alongside her recycled platinum wedding band.

Alanis Morissette

This sexy crooner may very well be aboard one of her bio-diesel touring buses this holiday while keeping eco-friendly with her vegan diet. Plus, she gave the gift of her voice by narrating a critically acclaimed film on global warming.

Daryl Hannah

She made a Splash years ago and since then has walked the green walk. Grab an eco-friendly gift from her Love Life Goods online store while also teaching kids during the holidays and beyond about living green through her environmentally friendly web show.

Hayden Panettiere

Awarded the Human Society’s prestigious Genesis Award this cheerleader turned actress just may spend the holiday protesting another cause for marine life similar to the arrest warrant she received in Japan while picketing against whale and dolphin hunting.

Miranda Kerr

Victoria Secret not only employs pure beauty, some are actually green stunners as well. Miranda Kerr sports Kora, her own organic skincare line to add to your gift giving choices. She is also highly vocal on all that is eco-friendly including riding her bike as much as possible, growing her own vegetables and using power saving light bulbs.

Salma Hayek

It must be like a green holiday, everyday, knowing Salma Hayek. She sits on the board of Global Green USA, drives a hybrid, spends holidays in her solar paneled home and supports clean global drinking water.

Olivia Wilde

Quoted as saying she wants to “leave the planet a little better than she found it”. Ms. Wilde chooses a vegan holiday meal to add to her already vegan diet as well as continuing her activism alongside her acting for a greener world through animal friendliness and her website, Wilde Things, which carries all sorts of green forums.

Hear these women roar and take note. In a world filled with man’s war and man’s politics it is always a sense of solace to be surrounded by the power of the female.


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