Your 2013 Green Crusade

Your 2013 Green Crusade

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Sailing into the end of another three sixty five, might there be one thing we could choose to make next year that much sweeter? Sure, eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, blah blah blah, but what about a real green commitment? Not a resolution either, a commitment. This just may be what you need to light a fire under your butt to springboard into that change you’ve been yearning. Make it your 2013 green crusade and it just may be the best gift you receive this time next year.


Depending on the person, a green crusade can be done solo or with a group. Of course, a group may have more visible momentum but going solo is nothing to sneeze at. Making it private and personal can be powerful. Either way, choose one path and stick with it. No one can mess with someone who has a plan.

Pick a Topic

There is no use in biting off more than you can chew so pick a topic that you feel closest to. Ask yourself what riles you up about the ignorant and insane practices of your fellow man (and possibly yourself). Here are a few to peruse:

  • Rain Forest – Reduced from covering 14% of the earth to its current 6% in only 40 years, the rainforest has holds cures for current and possibly future diseases/conditions. Man has decided to use it for raising cattle instead
  • Oceans – A lot of good work has gone into saving our oceans but way more needs to be done. 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into them each year along with more oil from leaking cars and non-point sources than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez .
  • Wildlife – Whales for their meat, blubber and delicacies; Fox, mink and other innocent critters anally electrocuted (whuh??) for their fur; Elephant’s tusks ripped out while the body of this gentle giant is left to rot; and so many other atrocities.
  • Global Warming – It is here and no one can deny it (if they do, take them to the Jersey Shore). High CO2 levels can be drastically reduced with activist campaigns to advocate clean, renewable energy and stand up to manipulative, greedy oil companies.
  • Landfill – It is estimated that over 80% of landfill can be recycled.
  • Hazardous Waste – Go hazmat crazy and reduce hazardous waste. The EPA estimates the US produces 256 million tons annually.

Whatever hits you in the marrow of your bone should be what you grasp on to. Make it part of your life until you feel the momentum. You will meet new people, probably like-minded, and feel like you are part of something. Whether solo or as a group, launching a green crusade is a great way to ‘hit the ground running’ into 2013. Who knows? If you look behind you, there may be plenty of followers latching on to your cause after you find yourself speaking passionate soapbox statistics at that next cocktail shindig.


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