Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections

We may wish that every day could be a day we learn and become enlightened. However, it is no surprise that for many, each day often blurs into another. That brings us to the opportunity each holiday season offers when it comes to reflections, inspections and end of year projections. Before most put their head down and burrow through the next three-sixty five, this time allows a slurry of feelings that, at any moment, can rise to the top. Vulnerability begets inner sight and what better time to take advantage of it, than now.


Hindsight takes patience, a good memory and an open mind. As the ego stands, hands-on-hips in front of your look-back attempt brush it aside and walk in. Your first thought should be that you will not get overwhelmed. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Title one column ‘pluses’ and the other ‘minuses’. Now sit back and reflect to this time last year. What kind of holiday season were you having? Did you make or write down any green changes you were going to implement for 2012? These questions should get you started on an inner ‘movie reel’ displaying your behavior. Ask yourself if your attempts had staying power or if they were fleeting? Did you complete any green goals? As your answers float to the top write them in the appropriate column. It is suggested that this list be worked on over a couple of days as more reflections will surely arise once the flood gates have been opened. When you are done, again, remind yourself to not get too overwhelmed or overconfident for that matter and move on to inspections.


Now that you have a list, it will be easy to see where you stand. Look around your current situation. What can you immediately put into action that you may have been intending to do? With the colder months fast approaching maybe you can weatherproof as much as you possibly can this weekend. Have your recycling attempts waivered over the last year? Save for, ask for, or go out right now and purchase that compost bin you have been meaning to setup. Inspection is the detective work needed to continue or begin with momentum.


Here is where you go back and grab another piece of paper. Now you are going to write down all the green things you would like to set into motion starting January 1st, 2013. Title it whatever you like but make sure it is legible and most of all visible at all times. Make copies if you have to or create unique index card reminders and place them at work, home, your car or wherever. With these projections in front of you, every day, you are bound to tackle some, if not all.

Take this opportunity to start your New Year with a green liftoff making it a journey worth looking back on, this time next year, with pride.


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