Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens

Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens

1236782_xmasSometimes, it feels as though you have blinked and the holidays are back. But facing impending, practically required, cheer can stir up any number of emotions. Sometimes all it takes is stepping outside of yourself and your screaming, foot stomping ego to remember the good that you do have. This holiday, give some thought to taking some time to remind, re-learn and re-evaluate your outlook on life through an ‘eco-lense’ and you just may surprise yourself.

Get in the Soup

Before you indulge in holiday festivities or brood at home feeling left out, step up to a local shelter and offer your time. Whether you present your expertise on greening their chapter or dish out soup to the homeless, it should open your eyes to the many that have fallen between the cracks. In your own way, embrace as much positive energy you can muster or find and hand it to those less fortunate. It will increase your humanitarian footprint tenfold.

Post a Holiday Pickup Group

With throngs of similar thinkers at your fingertips why not post on a local classified or social media site a holiday pickup group. Find those people that may feel the way you do during this season and bring them together to spend a few hours cleaning up areas of litter. It is a great way to either spread the holiday cheer or complain about its blatant consumerism while picking up trash. Be sure and set up a recycling team to harvest the cans, glass, plastics, metals and such while another team discards the rest.

Create Some Green Talk

You can take your holiday pickup group posting and go one step further to create a type of green talk round table. Finding locals who are passionate about the environment and discussing the many current events, as well as their variety of solutions, can be very stimulating. It may fuel your already steadfast mission or light a fire under you to get going. Starting such a group during the holidays is a perfect time to do so. It has the potential to catapult people into the New Year with gumption, purpose and results. Plus, if you are single, it could offer you a chance to meet a new potential green mate.

Cure the Kids

If you are really creative you can approach your local school, community center, or library and see if they will let you give a mini-lecture on how to go green through the holidays and beyond. Keep your presentation short and to the point so all ages can grasp the easiest changes to implement. These can include using rechargeable batteries; recycled wrapping paper; energy efficient holiday lights as well as unplugging computers/game consoles before bed; helping parents recycle and the benefits of composting.

Go selfless this season and sprinkle in as much green as you can. It just may feel more festive than ever before.


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