Holiday Electronics: A Quick Guide to Grabbing Green Gadget Gifts

Holiday Electronics: A Quick Guide to Grabbing Green Gadget Gifts

It is estimated that an average household contains about twenty-five electronic gadgets that consume between ten to twenty percent of the electricity bill. Just watch a commercial or open a glossy paged ad and your electronic gadget meter may begin to peak. Whether it is a cell phone, TV, appliance or laptop, it is that sleek new model that often has us salivating at its media façade. Before you succumb to the next new thing as an impressive holiday gift, make sure you are making the right decision when it comes to biodegradability, conservationism, recyclability and so much more. Here is a quick guide to grabbing green gadget gifts so your holiday electronics don’t end up becoming eco-duds.

Energy Star

There really is no excuse to purchase anything else besides a certified Energy Star product. These electronics are built to work at their optimum level while using as little energy as possible. For example, the most efficient 2012 Energy Star Televisions between 42” and 60” screen size offer a yearly cost to operate between $13-$15. The annual cost to run each of these is based on an average 10.9 cents per kilowatt hour and five hours of TV use per day. Some brands Energy Star recommends are Aquos by Sharp, Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

The Dying Desktop

. . .

. . .

If you are considering buying a discounted desktop computer for your child, partner or friend this holiday you may want to think again. Laptops and tablets are becoming the reigning choice as their memory and overall capability are easily surpassing the clunky, cumbersome, immobile desktops people have been tethered to for years. Unless your ‘giftee’ is in a specialty niche that needs an oversized monitor and ridiculous amounts of storage, a lightweight, retina display ten inch iPad, for instance, uses approximately thirty-five times less annual energy than a good desktop with a twenty inch monitor. It also surpasses a laptop using ten times less energy. So the most efficient, energy saving holiday gift choice is surely a tablet or laptop.

Stream Don’t Box

There are currently several choices of energy efficient devices that enable users to watch their favorite programs or movies via internet streaming. Up to now many people have been using their Xbox or Play station to do the job but the energy output comes in at a whopping thirty times more than a streaming device. Give the gift of Apple TV or a Roku box this year and let them know how much less energy they will be using.


Battery technology is probably one of the most rapid and advanced innovation of our time. It is fueling everything from toys to cars with much more advancement in the future. Give the gift of a rechargeable unit that will fit all the standard sized rechargeable capable batteries and reduce the millions of toxic, landfill battery leakage our planet deals with on a daily basis.

This year choose eco-friendly holiday electronic gifts. It will be like saying you not only care about them but that you care about how they will treat the earth as well.


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