Beer Libations: Drink Green

Holiday Beer Libations: Drink Green

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If you partake in alcoholic beer beverages there is a high probability that you are unaware of the brands which actually produce less of a carbon footprint than others. This holiday season, as friends, family and business relations raise a glass to good cheer and good fortune, try something new and grab a green one.

Sierra Nevada

This Pale Ale brewing company out of Chico, California takes green to heart. They stand behind an impressive ten thousand solar panels combined with four co-generation fuel cells to power almost all of their production facility.

Full Sail

Hood River, Oregon houses this microbrewery that reports using three million fewer gallons of water per year due to their shortened work week of four days/ten hours per day. Compared to other breweries, Full Sail claims, “saving so much water that drinking other beers is actually wasting water.”


Colorado is always right up there with cutting edge recreational relaxation (i.e. current marijuana legalization) and Odell brewery in Fort Collins is no different. Solar panels power one-third of their energy in the summer and they use an automatic electric light shut down system when natural light is sufficient.

New Belgium

Another Fort Collins favorite is New Belgium Brewing Co. The logo says it all for this first ever wind powered brewing company sporting a fat wheel bicycle underneath its name. It also encourages their customers to lower CO2 emissions by biking as much as possible. So far, they claim 10,000 have upheld their pledge.

Eel River

Standing tall as the first brewing company in the U.S. to be awarded a certificate of organic practice, Eel River is another California jewel. It is completely powered by bio-mass, renewable energy and runs its own pretreatment water facility so as not to tap into the local municipal supply.


New York City steps up to the plate with the Brooklyn Brewing Co. This is the first ever NYC company powered by wind turbines. Much better than the hot air the big companies tout while pillaging the environment at the same time. Stop by for happy hour every Friday!

Alaskan Amber

Using “historic Alaskan recipes” this brewery reports “re-using at least as much waste and emissions as we produce”. Plus, they are the official sponsor of the famous dogsled marathon known as the Iditarod.

Great Lakes

Cleveland, Ohio adds the Great Lakes Brewing Co. to their Rock-n-Roll status. With delivery trucks running solely on vegetable oil, a “closed loop” recycling system and 100% recyclable packaging this beer is an eco-powerhouse.

Peak Organic

Following in the footsteps of Eel River, Peak Brewing is organic as well as socially conscious. They committed to their surrounding Portland, Maine community to keep expenses at a minimum while adding to the rebuilding projects.

Steam Whistle

This Toronto, Ontario brewery uses filtered lake water, recyclable bottles and reusable waste to produce a stellar, micro-brewed product.

Drinking green may seem insignificant, but it is the small choices that charge forward right alongside the big ones. Support small brewing companies and keep the momentum going.


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