5 DIY Eco-Holiday Card Ideas

5 DIY Eco-Holiday Card Ideas

Before you run out and spend your hard earned shillings on the first batch of sparkly holiday cards you see, why not entertain the idea of doing it yourself. You will not only save money, you will reuse household materials, save paper and do your part at reducing landfill one step at a time. Here are five ideas of how to create some do-it-yourself eco-holiday cards that are clever, creative and fun to make.

Candid Holiday Photo Card

Everybody loves a holiday photo card. However, they can often be somewhat posed and dull. This year, go nuts with a candid shot. Then, attach with some non-toxic, eco-friendly glue or purchase recycled blank, photo-slip-in cards and put in the best one (reproduce accordingly).

Paper Bag Card

Heavy paper bags from Chinese takeout work best here. Cut any shape you desire four times from your bag. Glue two each, poke or punch holes through one end, string together with yarn or twine and you have a cool paper bag card. You can also attach with masking tape (inside and out along the seam). Colored magic markers, stickers, crayons, sparkles, photos, cutouts, and anything else you can think of are fair game on a paper bag card.

Wood Card

This is a cool card to receive. Search for reusable wood that is as thin as possible such as discarded produce crates behind supermarkets. If there is writing on the wood, paint it white (or any color that will make a good background). Saw into a one panel card size. Be sure to sand the edges if sharp. Add a clever quote, personal reference or simply a happy holiday greeting. If you have access to a wood burning gun to inscribe the message it really stands out. Otherwise use a strong black permanent marker. The best part is that you can actually glue a stamp on the front and mail it!

Cardboard Collage Card

This is similar to the wood card but is made with discarded cardboard instead with one side made into a holiday collage. Use faces cut from photos, sayings, ticket stubs and anything else to celebrate that person and the season. Note: Try to keep the collage tight and close to the cardboard if you mail it as is.

Cardboard Puzzle Card

Cut about an 8 x 10 (or slightly less) piece of cardboard. With a permanent black magic marker write your message then draw puzzle pieces all connecting to one another over it. Carefully cut them out, sprinkle into a recycled paper envelope and mail. Whoever receives it will have fun (or curse you out) putting it together to receive your good wishes.

Take the time and put some thought into your holiday cards this year. There are still several weeks left so you can leave your creative mess on the table and make a few a day. Friends, family and even business associates will appreciate the effort and do not be surprised if you get a shout out when you least expect it.


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