Giving What You’ve Got: From Re-Use to Holiday Goose

Giving What You’ve Got: From Re-Use to Holiday Goose

As much as you may like to give away clothes, food and/or money all year round it is just not possible for most people. Therefore, when the holidays roll around it is your opportunity to step up and give what you can to make the world rotate a little easier. Below are a few ideas that may help you get started.


This is, of course, the no-brainer giveaway as we all seem to have way too much stuffed into our closets. So take a few hours and grab everything from your dressers, closets, under the bed, storage and wherever else you may be stashing your fashion extravaganza and lay it all out to easily see.

  • Rule #1 – If it has been over two years and you have not worn it, donate it.
  • Rule #2 – If it looks like it has been through a wood chipper trash it.
  • Rule #3 – If the kids are in college and you are saving their stuff, donate it (they most likely won’t want it).

Eye Glasses

Donating old eyeglass frames can go a long way when new ones usually start at about one-hundred bucks and can easily soar to three, four, five hundred or more.


Many people have way more winter coats than they need. This is an essential donation that will immediately go to good use. Look for a local coat drive or approach a church, temple, thrift shop or any other location that may be able to get your used coat into needy hands.

donate old phones

Cell Phones

Donate your old cell phones to local shelters. They give people a chance to get connected without exorbitant fees. This is especially helpful for battered women homes which sponsor emergency cell phone service for potential victims.

Shoes and Boots

Be realistic here. Do not think you can donate your stinky leftover mess of a pair of shoes but if you have some that are slightly used, especially boots, these are much needed by those less fortunate especially if you live in a snow belt.


Offer your car for organizations that can use a hand doing anything from delivering meals, transporting the elderly to and from doctor’s appointments, or simply lugging items from donation boxes to their allotted destination.


This can be tricky inasmuch that there are usually strict health regulations when it comes to certain food items. Therefore, if you want to donate food keep it to safe choices such as canned or boxed goods. If it is allowable, a holiday bird (goose, turkey, chicken) is a great donation to a meal prepared for those in need. If you are a vegetarian, spread the wealth and offer your cooking talents to a local soup kitchen or the like.

This season, get out and give what you can. It will pay it forward, spread good energy and make life a little easier for so many that are suffering. Also, if you are really game, think about starting your own drive to collect donations and hand them out. All are true humanitarian moves.


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