Small Business Giving

Small Business Giving

If you run a small business you may want to enter this holiday season with a different approach. Instead of adorning your store or office with the usual tree, menorah, glitter and the like why not send a green message instead? There are ways you can let your customers and clients know that you are not just a business that is only concerned about the bottom line but rather a business that sees the big picture. Let them know you are a humanitarian and environmentalist interested in not only serving your immediate community but also showing your concern for the many great challenges we are all facing when it comes to saving our planet. If done with the right intentions more folks will think twice before going to your competitors. It can surely be a win-win for all.

Decorate Your Charity Weight

Take a moment to imagine your business without any holiday decorations. It may sound depressing unless they are replaced with certificates of charity. Choose an environmental charity that really speaks to you and/or may even apply to your business. Give what you can and advertise! Hang up the name of the charity, maybe add in some of the interesting things they do, and include information on how anyone else may get involved. This is a great way to forego the materialistic message of the holiday and instead replace it with the humanitarian side.

Resolution to Stop Pollution

This New Year’s Eve make a resolution to cross over into a more sustainable business practice. Seek out changes that will lower your carbon footprint and be sure and let your customers know how and why you did it. Some ideas that may work include:

  • Change Your Printer – If you job out material for printing look for printers that use recycled paper and soy based inks.
  • Lighten Up – Go CFL or LED bulbs saving money and energy.
  • In Office Recycle – There are many attempts to rudimentarily setup recycling containers in stores or offices. Put some effort into it and make it work.

Environmental Incentives

Implementing environmental incentives will have your customers coming back over and over. Offer a slight discount for those that bring their own beverage mug, reusable bag or if you run an office, setup a weekly environmental charity box (just like bars do for the Super Bowl). Whoever gives the most gets a discount.

Employee Participation

The holidays can often bring with them a world of stress. Setting up some environmentally friendly ideas, field trips or games may make that stress dissipate some. Introduce various suggestions that will have your employees wondering if you lost your mind or simply took a turn for the better. These can include brainstorming ways to green your business; setting up a clothing drive; or shutting down for a day to feed the homeless. It will boost morale and maybe get a few employees to pay it forward in their personal life.

Your small business is a lot more powerful than you may think. Use your know-how and gumption to give back this season in any way you can.


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