Green Gift Guide: Picking Out the Perfect Present

Holiday Gift Guide: Picking Out the Perfect Green Present

Instead of running around at the last minute, this year put some eco-thought into your holiday gifting. Assess each person’s specialty likes and you should be able to match them to the perfect green present that will surely impress. By the time you are done you will be way ahead of the mad rush that can sometimes make this season a complete misery. Follow this holiday gift guide to make your shopping season that much easier.

Geeky Green

Folding Solar Panel

If you are gifting someone that gets off on techno toys help them release their geeky green side by wrapping an eco-friendly something to add to their electronic arsenal. Here are a few ideas:

  • Portable Folding Solar Panel – This innovative power grid will have your geek wide eyed and salivating. It is completely mobile and can charge just about anything through a standard power adapter.
  • Smart Strip Surge Protector – Sure, they probably have plenty of surge protectors but do they have one that shuts off ‘vampire power’. This is the unwanted draw many plugged in, shut off devices still take from your power source secretly adding to your electric bill. The smart strip shuts down the entire draw when not in use saving electricity and cash.
  • Wind-Up Radio, Flashlight and Phone Charger – This device talks to the disaster obsessed geek. It has a built-in LED flashlight, AM/FM/Weather Band radio and an adaptable phone charger that all run on some vigorous cranks, built-in rechargeable batteries or 3 AA standard batteries.

Traveler Goes Green

Giving an eco-friendly travel gift to an avid explorer can really be a special gesture. If someone you know seems to always be flying off to the next adventure try handing them a basket of goodies for their next trip that includes such things as a bamboo utensil set; hybrid solar flashlight; organic hand purifier; sustainable wood earphones; recycled bike tube strap for valuables; and a compact fabric steamer.

Kid Friendly

Non-toxic toys are the way to go for that special kid gift. Turn them on to unique musical instruments such as the fair trade company’s ‘drum water’ which offers deep bass sounds reverberated through water or a percussion adventure set. Organic stuffed animals, a seed planting kit, eco-saucer flying disc or the Earthopoly board set will also stand out as well as possibly teach them some going green ways.

The Green Thumb

Almost everyone has a gardener to buy for and what better gift than a green one. Really wow them this year with a living pesticide like green lacewings or ladybug beetles for aphid control. Try a portable to large compost bin; electric grow mat; compost aerator tool; collapsible rain barrel or coconut coir brick packs.

These are just a few of the many innovative green gifts out there that will surely fit into your holiday gift list. Make it an eco-holiday this year and, if you don’t stand on your soapbox but instead quietly let it all sink in, you may just recruit a few more eco-advocates.


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