Dog Gone Green

Dog Gone Green

Green your pooch!

Going green does not have to stop at the human scale; there are plenty of ways to include your dog as well. Owning a dog is a great responsibility that reaps even greater rewards in loyalty, laughter and love. However, along with the full package there are many down sides to the environment when it comes to raising a dog. From unsustainable waste bags to toxic flea solutions you may be neglecting some simple adjustments that could add to the stellar contribution you have already made to the planet. Re-think how your pet’s world can help too and make your best friend a dog gone green.

Bio Bag Pickup

It may be a lot easier to grab the nearest plastic bag you can find to pick up your dog’s waste but it is not doing anybody any good. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approximately 31 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2010 and only 8% was recycled. Biodegradable dog waste bags are agriculturally friendly using no toxic substances such as polyethylene that can leach into landfill soil. Instead, they break down quickly and efficiently making for less environmental stress.

Smart Toys

Swap out (and recycle) your pet’s toxic plastic toys and replace them with some earth friendly recycled designs. Why perpetuate the ever growing landfill problem so many states are struggling with and instead choose some smart toys. Whether it is a colorful, recycled rubber bone or a tough rope ball for hours of eco-friendly play, going pet toy green can make a difference.  

Sleep in Style

A dog bed manufactured overseas can include a wide variety of toxic materials. Go for an eco-friendly, Made in the USA design that includes recycled fibers and fill to allow your dog to sleep in style. If you cannot find a recycled bed then choose one made from organically grown cotton which will support sustainable farming and give your pet years of soft, green comfort.

Clean Green

Shampooing your dog with a standard pet or even human soap can not only add to the already toxic water waste millions of homes produce but they can actually be harmful to your pet’s skin and coat. Natural, non toxic pet shampoos and conditioners are biodegradable containing no petroleum distillates, ammonia or benzene.

Pest Away

Don’t spray your dog with flea and tick repellant that is full of chemicals and makes them smell like a toxic waste dump. Go for a pest solution that uses such things as biodegradable, environmentally friendly, FDA approved food-grade ingredients which can do the same job without the chemicals.

Wise Accessorize

Choose a recycled leather or sustainable hemp dog collar, leash or harness to walk your pet pal with his eco-friendly head raised high.

Your dog will be a chip off the old block as you both work as a team to do your part. When you saunter down the street or run in the park, friends and passersby alike just may notice your dog gone green and ask how they too can get on board.


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