Political Green: The Climate is Mum

Political Green: The Climate is Mum

With Americans practically split in two on whom they are going to choose for their next president, it has surely been a frustrating road for many. Unfortunately, all the spin and fear mongering seems to have created a façade that has covered up the most important political issue beyond our economy and foreign affairs. Climate change has not been discussed in any of the three presidential debates, a first since this issue became recognized on the political world stage since the 1980’s.

The Proof

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

As corporate lobbyists follow hierarchy orders to quell the climate change panic solely in the interest of the bottom line, the proof keeps rearing its ugly head. An enormous hurricane slams into the northeast coast as rarely seen before; mid-Pacific and Atlantic earthquakes creating tsunamis in their wake and the polar ice caps melting at astronomical rates. These are only a handful of the rapid weather changes that naysayers continue to deny as simple earth transformation while unbiased experts are shouting models and numbers in the face of politicians to little or no avail.

A Failure of Leadership

Just as if we lived in a world where many still believed the earth to be flat, so too it seems is the mind set of our political leadership. The failure to even mention climate change during this highly stressful time tells us that cash is king and all other issues can wait. Unfortunately, when the earth turns on its head not many people will be able to eat their money to stay alive. Phil Radford, executive director of Greenpeace USA comments to the Huffington Post: “I just think it’s irresponsible for our leaders to not address one of the biggest challenges facing our generation. It’s one of the biggest security threats we have — it’s a threat to agriculture, it threatens our economy. And to simply not talk about it is one of the biggest failures of our leadership.”

Oil, Coal and Gas Motor On

Why would a bloated few give up their cash cow for the greater good? Oil, coal and gas super PAC’s have been donating money to the Republicans and the Romney campaign to the tune of 84%. This is a clear signal that the Obama campaign is the torch bearer of ‘clean energy’ (he mentioned this term many times in the debate) which directly threatens the livelihood of fossil fuel giants. Even though Obama did not mention climate change he is waving a red flag of warning more than any other president. While most Americans are simply struggling to put food on the table it is no wonder that many do not currently put much weight in climate change warnings. Therefore, it is inevitable that oil, coal and gas will motor on most likely decimating our land, perpetuating wars and pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

It all may sound grim but the people still have the upper hand. If more citizens ban together taking eco-responsibility and spreading their voice throughout the halls of Congress, climate change just may end up front and center.


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