Environmental Medicine: A Natural Approach to Fighting Back Against Our Toxic World

Industrial and technological advancement comes with a price and it is not only the slow destruction of our air, land and water it also has a large impact on individual health. Whether it is in the form of an annoying allergy to an all out struggle with cancer, our toxic world can take its toll. Environmental medicine is the practice of dealing with these modern challenges through enabling people to target current ailments as well as create a prevention protocol to avoid future toxic exposure. Environmental medicine has had good results when using natural remedies administered through a capable practitioner.

Heavy Metals

A small example of one of the many challenges an environmental medical practitioner, such as a naturopathic doctor or holistic healer, will often address is being exposed to heavy metals. Small amounts are found in car exhaust, bathing water, food and even mercury fillings that were used to fix cavities years ago. These metals can slowly leach into the blood, slowly taxing the system causing such symptoms as fatigue, central nervous impairment and sometimes organ damage.

Some Remedies

Natural removal of heavy metals could be attempted through a multi-pronged approach. This may include acupuncture, botanical medicine (such as garlic, dandelion root, kelp and cilantro), detoxification, homeopathy and more. The goal would be to attempt to draw out, absorb and/or purge the system of heavy metal buildup while at the same time repairing and restoring the body. Purchasing local produce is an excellent way to administer your own environmental medicine. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with anti-oxidants which, when consumed en masse, can really help fight and prevent metal toxicity. Plus, it supports local farmers (buy organic if you can, many herbicides and pesticides contain heavy metals) as well as significantly reduces your carbon footprint.


Unexplained mental and/or physical struggles can sometimes be indications of environmental toxicity. One is Sick Building Syndrome which became a valid diagnosis when it was found that in addition to mold, bacteria, etc., there were also various chemical vapors that where off-gassing from office or residential volatile organic compound paints, synthetic rugs and cleaning materials. From radon exposure (toxic fumes from natural rock) to food poisoning and everything in between, we just may need the services of environmental medicine as we progress further into our digital future. Sometimes it is up to the patient when attempting to discover an unknown cause by asking for a toxicity test from their conventional doctor. Many diseases can be mimicked when afflicted with heavy metals or other environmental toxins. These include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy. In many cases, a naturopathic doctor will immediately require a blood test to determine serum toxin levels and then create a protocol that caters to each individual presentation rather than a prescribed, synthetic, often toxic in and of itself medicine across the board.

As we look outside ourselves and attempt to save the world through conservation, recycling and reusing we must be sure to look at how our toxic world may be affecting our overall health.


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