Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Critters


Fall Pest Control: Preventing Halloween’s Creepiest Crittersgreen pest control

When people talk about pest control and creepy critters this fall season, it may not be a reference to the political figures on your November ballot. The pests that are most likely to enter your home this time of year are the ones people often fear the most – those that tend to play starring roles in horror movies and Halloween decorating schemes.

If you find any of the following pests in your home this fall (and they aren’t made of rubber) we’ve got some green pest control tips to help you combat them. The goal of green pest control is to make your home look like the opposite of a five-star getaway for these horrifying pests in a way that keeps your family, pets and the environment safe.

Bed Bugs

The ultimate vampires of the insect world, bed bugs have made a raging comeback – just like some of those 80s fashions you hoped would stay away. Their blood-sucking habits have caused bouts of insomnia in thousands of victims who face the world looking like zombies after spending sleepless nights donating their blood for insect food.

Bed bugs don’t fly. They make their way into your home by hitching a ride in suitcases, used furniture (bringing in a used mattress is always a bad idea, even if it’s free), backpacks and so on. The adults look like apple seeds in shape and color, while the young ones are translucent in color – that is, until their abdomens turn red after sucking blood.

If you see a bed bug during the day, you’re lucky, because these night stalkers usually like to hide in dark places until you fall asleep. When the itchy bites on your body don’t give their presence away, the clues they leave behind will – rust-colored streaks on your bedding or around your bed.

The best way to prevent these bed vampires is to always inspect anything used before you bring it into your home (even if it’s from your Aunt Susan) and to thoroughly examine your luggage after a trip. Change the sheets on your bed regularly and conduct regular inspections so you can catch an infestation early. The Vapamore MR 100 PRIMO is also a great steam cleaner that is an effective way to keep those critters at bay!


There’s a reason rodents feature prominently in many Halloween frights. They skulk around your home, carrying potentially deadly diseases (such as the hanta virus) and can quickly multiply inside your walls or attic. They’re also the ultimate freeloaders – leaky pipes and food crumbs left on the counter become a lavish buffet for these nasty pests.

To keep rodents away, do your best to maintain a home that’s white-glove clean. This means keeping your garden well-manicured; using tight lids on trash cans; filling holes around the exterior of your home; cleaning your floors regularly; always putting food away; doing the dishes the same day; and basically doing all the things an overbearing mother would tell you to do. Sure, this method of green pest control can be a lot of work, but it’s better than finding disease-laden droppings in your pantry.


One of the best ways to make even the most macho of men scream in horror is to put a spider in his face. Spiders are generally harmless, but they freak people out because they (and their webs) seemingly sneak up on you – kind of like that quiet-walker at work who likes to suddenly appear out of nowhere and scare the bejesus out of you.

Green pest control methods for spiders include keeping your home dusted, tidy and clean. These eight-legged beasts tend to show up when you have tasty snacks inside, such as flies, ants and other insects. (Don’t worry, your Halloween chocolates are safe.) Another reason you might end up with a spider infestation is that an egg sack you missed while dusting has hatched. If this is the case, it’s time to do some serious dust-busting in all the nooks and crannies.

During your Halloween festivities, it may be preferable to discover a ghost in your house than to discover a pest infestation. If you think you have an infestation on your hands, never hesitate to call a green pest control company. Many provide free inspections, and their treatment methods are better than store-bought baits, poisons and bug bombs that do more harm (to you) than good.

This guest post is brought to you by Eden Advanced Pest Control, the leading integrated pest management company in Western Washington and Oregon and serves both residential and commercial customers.


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