Green Your Halloween: Accessories for a True Eco-Holiday

Green Your Halloween: Accessories for a True Eco-Holiday

green your halloween decor!

Once you have your eco-themed Halloween costumes, add to the festivities with these green your Halloween accessories. Be the home that kids visit in awe, give them awesome decorations but also a little education as well. Show them through your innovative display that even a fun holiday can be had without harming the earth. It just may be the inspiration they remember that propels them onto a path of higher eco-consciousness. After all, it is the youth of today that will determine our tomorrow.

DIY Decorations

Most store bought Halloween items are chock full of dye laden plastics and other un-recyclable materials that are quickly used before they end up in a nearby landfill. This year set aside a little time to make your own Halloween decorations that will surely surpass the toxic, manufactured choices out there.

  • Ghosts – Yup, it’s the Old School white sheet setup that will have your home surrounded by hovering ghosts. Simply place some leaves or newspapers into a white sheet, form a head, spin the bottom half and secure the neck with some string. Use washable markers to make a face and hang from a nearby tree or door.
  • Jack-O-Green – Don’t succumb to toxic plastic pumpkins because you have no time or energy to get real ones. Taking kids or friends pumpkin picking is not only a seasonal rite-of-passage, it supports local farms and offers extended treats after the holiday. Have a pumpkin carving party and be sure to save the seeds for roasting. After the holiday, clean and skin the pumpkins, boil the ‘meat’ and make pumpkin pie or add to rice and beans (a Spanish treat). You can also buy some healthy beeswax Jack-O-Lantern globe candles to place around your home and in your windows.
  • Trash Bag Spider – Buy some recyclable, biodegradable black trash bags. Fill halfway with leaves or newspaper and tie at the neck. Shred and twist the bottom portion into eight legs and secure with twine. Use organic, non-toxic paints to draw the face. Hang or set on the ground for all to see.


What you hand out on Halloween can also make a difference. Look for endangered species chocolate which gives a portion of its proceeds to conservation and animal protection. Put together a kid friendly eco-book along with an attached candy as a different educational approach. Also, choose candy that comes in recyclable packaging or has the least amount of sugar and dye.

Light Up the Night

Make sure your kids are safely lit by handing them a hybrid solar flashlight LED with 8 to 10 hours of charged light and waterproof components if it rains. Or they can carry a hybrid solar lantern LED to adorn that perfect costume.

Don’t let Halloween takeover your eco-status. Green your Halloween and pass on the message through your actions. Embrace the joy of knowing you went that extra mile to give back to Mother Earth.


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