Unique Uses for Trash: Someone’s Garbage, Is Another Someone’s Treasure

Unique Uses for Trash: Someone’s Garbage, Is Another Someone’s Treasure

When it comes to our municipal trash we are on the right track but have a ways to go. The EPA estimated in a 2010 survey that American refuse was approximately 54.2% discarded, about 11.2% used for “combustion with energy recovery” and around 34.1% recycled or reused. One great way to reduce that 54.2% gap is to make someone’s trash turn into a list of unique uses for you beyond basic recyclable or reusable standards. It is a ‘think outside the box’ mentality.

Magazine Coffee Table with Metal Base and Glass Top

Designer Vered Zaykovsky, used large discarded magazines along with a round flat piece of metal and glass about two feet in diameter to make this unique table. The best magazines are the oversized fashion versions with thick covers and pages placed vertically beside one another. Fold over with the thickest portions to hold weight and then weave together. The glass and metal are placed on either end using small beads of strong glue.

Washing Machine Drum Storage Ottoman

If a washing machine dies save it from the landfill and remove the large silver drum. There are usually three or four slots/eyelets on either side that rolling canister wheels can easily fit into. Find a lid that fits the top; add a pillow and you have yourself a very cool, modern looking, wheel-able, industrial storage ottoman.

In an Old Shoe

If you cannot donate old shoes do not fret, you can do all sorts of unique things with them that will raise some impressed eyebrows. For all you green thumbs, simply drill four or five holes in the bottom, fill it with potting soil and plant your favorite flower or herb. These make for great windowsill or terrace conversation pieces. Do you have a door that will just not stay open when you need it? Fill an old plastic bag with sand or pebbles, stuff in an old shoe and keep by that door for the perfect door stop.

Walk on Eggshells

use those eggshells!

We all know how useful eggshells are in our compost bins and gardens but did you know that they can also clean your teapot, unclog your sink, make your coffee less bitter and become sidewalk chalk?

  • Teapot Cleaner – Mix crushed eggshells, hot water and dish soap into your teapot, shake hard, leave overnight, then empty and rinse.
  • Unclog – Crush a few shells and leave in your sink strainer to catch solids that would otherwise clog.
  • Coffee – Add crushed shells only from hard boiled eggs to your coffee grinds. The coffee will taste much better.
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Clean and crush shells into a fine powder. Add 1tsp of flour, 1tsp of hot water and 1tblsp of shell powder. Mix into a paste, shape into chalk, roll in wax paper, wait 3 days and then start chalking!

There are many unique uses for trash. Before you dump it, think about it and get creative. You just may surprise yourself.


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