Eco-Themed Adult Halloween Costumes (Kids Can Try Them Too!)

Eco-Themed Adult Halloween Costumes (Kids Can Try Them Too!)

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For some, Halloween is the epitome of autumn. It represents a festive celebration in the heart of Nature’s spectacular color show. It is also an excuse to let your hair down and take on another identity without anyone thinking it is odd. Yes, children reap most of the benefits, but why not jump on the Halloween bandwagon this year and let your freak flag fly too. Plus, when they are not looking you can steal their candy or even attempt to trick or treat yourself. The best part is, you do not have to spend much money with these eco-themed Halloween adult costumes (kids can try them too!).

Super Recycle Magnet Man (or Woman)

Collect a bunch of empty water bottles and get yourself a cheap jumpsuit (paint stores sell disposable ones). Find some fabric glue at any craft shop and attach your water bottles to the jumpsuit. Add a painter’s cap with a bottle attached to the top and you are ready to go. Tell people roughly 17-20 million barrels of crude oil are used to produce water bottles per year and that Americans are only recycling about 10-20%. Also add that tap water is just as safe, if not safer, and a lot cheaper.

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Polar Bear Despair

Make a statement with this polar bear despair costume. You can use the same white painter’s jumpsuit or a white shirt and pants. Sew ears to a white cap, make claw gloves (or buy them) and get some claw slippers. Add a snorkel and a life vest or other floating device. Tell people that in 2011 Arctic ice reached the third lowest level ever, threatening you and your cubs.


Here is a simple costume to make a major statement. Wear a solid white, black or blue color outfit. Cut out or purchase scrap book letter C’s, attach them to your clothes with safety pins starting at your shoes and ankles, rising up your legs, arms and torso making sure they all bunch up around your neck. If you can find or make it, add a cap or hat that symbolizes the earth for good measure. You are now a depiction of rising sea levels which are expected to rise 5 feet by the year 2100 threatening 180 U.S. cities.

Vampire Power

Dress as a vampire complete with cape, teeth, jewelry and a trickle of blood dripping out of the corner of your mouth. However, attach or carry around a few light bulbs and tell people you are the 3-6% of vampire power that keeps on feeding their appliances and computers with power after they have been turned sucking their wallet of about $90-$150 per year (depending on the amount of electronics, etc.).

These are only a few of the many clever costumes you can try this Halloween. Be the one everyone talks about the next day and who knows, maybe you will go home with the costume contest prize while giving everyone a little eco-info at the same time.


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