4 Do-It-Yourself Upycling Ideas

4 Do-It-Yourself Upycling Ideas

Recycling seems to be the current crown jewel in the mainstream going green approach. However, many feel that more attention should be placed on upcycling which entails turning assumed useless materials into new useful products. It has been in existence ever since humans were in need of innovative applications for everyday used items when rampant consumerism was unavailable. Take a quick look at a few do-it-yourself upcycling ideas that just may surprise you and possibly raise a few eyebrows at the same time.

Pump It Mason Style

Mason jars hold a quaint retro quality that is always welcome in place of overly advertised corporate plastic choices. When a mason jar has finished its use do not discard this classic design, turn it into a cool, upcycled soap dispenser. Simply get an old soap pump (another upcycle), drill a hole in the mason jar metal top to fit the pump as snug as possible, fill the jar with liquid soap and you are done. Some pumps offer a screw attachment on the bottom to keep it in place.

Magnet Time

If you have some old broken watches or small clocks, take them apart and remove the face, Using a hot glue gun (an inexpensive must have for many projects), adhere a magnet to the back. Display on the refrigerator or any other metal surface and you may have guests demanding to know what specialty store you bought them in. Glue gun and magnets can be found in any good craft store.


If you have come across one at a flea market or own an old wooden rowboat oar, why not put some character in your home and use it as a curtain rod? There are several applications on how to hang your creation as an oar is most likely thicker than a normal size rod. You may have to improvise by visiting your local hardware store for ways to mount and hang curtains on your new design.

Rake Rack


Hang your wine glasses, ties, belts or long necklaces in creative style. Old iron thatch or small hand rake heads make excellent eclectic designs for these tasks. Remove the long handle or carefully cut it off. Get a screw and molly set (molly’s are plastic anchors used in hollow walls). Drill two holes about 1” apart into the remaining handle according to the size of the screws you are going to use. Match the handle to the wall being sure the rake head is facing down and out. With a pencil, carefully mark through the holes onto the wall. Drill holes at those marks, tap in you mollys, match up the rake holes and slowly screw tight.

These 4 do-it-yourself upcycling ideas are just a small example to give you a starting point of the many ways to become creatively socially conscious. Before discarding that finished or broken item look around and challenge your mind with a unique upcycling mission.


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