Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

There are many ideas out there when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the earth sustain life in lieu of man’s polluting ways. They can range from recycling to reusing and everything in between. However, thinking ‘outside the box’ is the thing that will most likely help our planet on a grand scale (remember Henry T. Ford or the Wright brothers?). Some ideas are on track such as solar capture projects, geothermal power, and sustainable farming to name a few however, here are some more interesting green ideas right out of the box, as reported by The Observer of the United Kingdom.

Iron Dust Dumping

It is estimated that the ocean absorbs approximately two to three billion tons of carbon dioxide per year. This kills algae and other essential ocean life needed to keep our planet healthy. By dumping iron dust (the waste product of titanium and iron smelting) into the ocean it can create an influx of plankton on a grand scale. This phytoplankton would have the ability to remove one trillion kilograms of carbon dioxide from the ocean per year according to Victor Smetacek, an oceanographer from the University of Bremen.

Beyond Corn

When ethanol emerged on the market it seemed like the answer to our fossil fuel addiction. However, the choice quickly became clear of whether to feed the world or power the car fleet of those wealthy enough to own one (like U.S. citizens). So, before biodiesel could soar it seemed to crash and burn. Enter second generation bio-fuel. Using the by-product of corn, maize and sugar crops, leftover cane fibers and cornstalks are split into cellulosic ethanol. This breaks down complex chains and releases sugars enhancing hydrocarbons used to create energy.


Environmentalist, Brent Schulkin came up with a unique idea a few years back which he coined as carrotmobbing – procott instead of boycott. It is based on enticing businesses to invest in green improvements to their business in exchange for the organization of a mob of shoppers to visit their store. He first tried out the idea in San Francisco by visiting twenty-three grocery and liquor stores. He asked how much of their daily profits they would be willing to use to make energy-efficient changes. The highest bidder was chosen and then Schulkin went home and spread the word on every social media site he could find. Then, he waited, wondering if anyone would even care. It paid off, a procott mob ensued spending upwards of $9,000 in two hours. His next stop? Negotiating with some of the largest global corporations.

Interesting green ideas are continually in flux as higher thinking humans are doing everything they can to patch quilt the alleged demise of our environmental future. Thinking ‘outside the box’ has and will continue to disallow greed and ignorance to drag us down. All it takes is a sprinkle of smarts and a smatter of passion and many of our planet’s challenges can be turned around.


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