Green Hygiene: Choosing Your Body-Earth Friendly Shampoos and Soaps

Green Hygiene: Choosing Your Body-Earth Friendly Shampoos and Soaps
Green your shampoo!

Green your shampoo!

Hopping into the shower or brushing your teeth may seem innocent enough, however the amount of waste and toxicities that occur during bathroom routines can be staggering. By simply shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth can save approximately five gallons of water per day, per person. However, there is another culprit in the green movement besides water waste that goes down your drain practically every day. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, gels and more pollute our lakes, rivers and other water sources. Although municipal water companies filter as much as they can, many toxic chemicals still make it through, slowly poisoning our drinking water, fish and hydro-vegetation. The power is in the purchase, so you can turn your bathroom into a green hygiene environmentally friendly Mecca!

Body Soap

It seems that the days of a simple bar of soap have passed us by. Now there are body lotion infused formulas, large plastic bottles of body gels and even soap sprays for an all body access experience. Unfortunately, the adverse affects of many of these products can be damaging to our water over time.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Body soap does not even compare to some of the ingredients used in shampoos and conditioners. Take a look at the ingredients in one of your overly priced hair cleaning products and the chances are you will not be able to pronounce some of them. These are the chemicals that slowly find their way into our water sources which eventually circle back into our drinking supply. Also, most ‘natural’ ingredients listed are minimal and are often simply used to coincide with the advertising on the package so you will think you are purchasing something good for you.

Go Green Hygiene

You do not have to compromise quality results for an eco-friendly choice. There are plenty of products to choose from that will not only stand up to your favorite salon brand but they will, of course, be embraced by your body as well as the environment. Avoid soaps and shampoos that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride and Methylchloroisothiazolinone as all of these have been proven to harm the environment as well as wild animals (and you!). Look for soap that contains things like botanical, plant based ingredients as well as glycerin, a natural by-product that acts as a humectant which draws water from the air to your skin. Use dye free, fragrance free and animal friendly soaps and shampoos that not only create a sound product but often give back a portion of your money to environmental causes.

Green hygiene has the ability to allow your body to work with your products and not against them. Why waste your money on sweet smelling yet potentially harmful shampoos and soaps when you can enjoy the many body-earth friendly choices out there. Plus, many of these choices offer green packaging which makes going green hygiene a win win play.

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