Minimalist Living: Is Less More?

Minimalist Living: Is Less More?

We live in a consumer driven society and with it comes incredible waste. From food to furniture and everything in-between, we are a country of instant gratification, dizzying advertising and social class expectations. Because of this it is no wonder that everything from televisions and cars to computers and cell phones have an owner expectancy of one to five years depending on the product. The newer, faster, shinier version comes out six months after you purchase something and many of your ‘old’ items are stored away, given away or dumped in a landfill. However, if you take a step back and look at your surroundings from afar there are many items you own that you can easily live without and do not need to replace. Reducing your unneeded possessions with minimalist living allows for more breathing space which in turn embraces more earth energy (some call it Feng Shui) creating a potentially better quality of life for you and your planet.

Convincing the Family

If you live with a family or friends it may take some doing to get them on board. Trying to go minimalist on your own can be frustrating and fruitless when others around you are accumulating as you are shedding. Therefore, grab your partner or whomever you think would be a good counterpart and hit them with some stats.

  • Consume Less, Donate More, Trash Less – A 2010 EPA report showed that Americans discarded 142,000 computers and 416,000 mobile devices every day.
  • Stop Draining the Planet – Less consumption equals less use of natural resources.
  • Benefit Off Your Useless Junk – Charitable donations often include a tax write off.
  • Eat Low on the Food Chain – Meat consumption accounts for approximately 2,500 gallons of water and about one acre of land to produce one pound of meat.
  • Reuse and Recycle  – The EPA reports that the average American discards approximately 4.43 pounds of garbage each day.
Scaling Down

The best way to begin your journey to a minimalist lifestyle is to compartmentalize your items. Start with your home desk if you have one. Pile or list everything in this area and determine what stays and what goes. Paper weights, knickknacks, even an old calculator (most cell phones have calculators) are perfect examples of unneeded items. Box ‘em up and put them in the recycling/donation/refuse corner and move to the next location.

Dedicate Your Time to You

Having less means maintaining less. It also means fewer distractions such as owning fewer or no televisions and breaking unnecessary advertising influences. With less comes more time and hopefully more solace. Take advantage of your minimalist life choice and embrace positive energy practices such as yoga and/or meditation in your new, stress free home. Then, pay your positive energy forward to perpetuate a more peaceful community which will hopefully transpire into treating nature with more respect.

Saving the planet by consuming less and embracing minimalist living is a courageous undertaking. May it work for you and may it change your life for the better.

Meditate on a simple life

Meditate on a simple life


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